Oh For a Drier

Remember the post about hanging clothes out? Yeah not so happy with it when we have pouring rain outside lol.  I had towels up…. then it started raining. I thought I’d wait it out right? No… just got harder. Half the towels fell off the line. Muddy towels. Muddy soaking wet towels. I finally braved the rain and soaked myself silly. The towels are now in the laundry room waiting to be rewashed. None of the clothes I meant to wash today happened… nowhere to hang them and not about to brave taking them to Gidos.

On the other hand I had plenty of time to go over the living room… Then mess it up again royally during school time (PE section) and clean it up again. I do have pictures of that, but they’re on my phone lol. Our first day back (other than a few parts like the one just mentioned) went horribly. A little discouraged honestly. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

K gotta get the lotion… Just noticed Zavier has this awful dry spot on his leg again 😦


2 thoughts on “Oh For a Drier

  1. Steph says:

    I hate days like that! Unfortunately, where we’re moving to has neither a washer nor dryer and we need both. I hate having to buy either but as much as it rains here (not even mentioning the insane humidity) I don’t see hanging clothes to dry as an option that could be relied upon.

    And I guess I’m going to get stuck doing a rent-to-own option with them as buying anything outright (even used) is definitely NOT in the budget right now.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Oh no! We dream about new ones that are a little better, but grateful we have them. My drier mysteriously started working again today though! Post prob coming soon lol. I hope you find something doable soon.

      Oh btw.. the rain I can see (obviously) but humidity and line drying do work together. Its humid here too. Very very humid. It does take things a little longer to dry… Like in West TX I put out some diapers when we visited and they were dry in less than 30 min (more like 10 lol). Here it takes half the day or so… but they dry.

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