Don’t Cook It!

I’ve started giving Zavier a little mini bath in the sink during diaper changes… I got the idea from reading a post on EC again. I still don’t want to really do that, but the part time – during/after diaper changes – made sense to us. I wasn’t going to mention it though because I think we tried it w/ Kalila like this too (although at an older age) and it didn’t last long. I could be wrong.. I really don’t remember lol. But his reactions have been too cute not to share.

Wasn’t really supposed to be a bath obviously… I just took his diaper off in there and waited for him to do what he needed (he has a seat too, but tries to scoot it around lol) and since we were there I hosed him off. Right away saw a huge advantage to that… is exactly how we ended up cleaning Kalila before (but in the tub) because her skin was so sensitive. His is too… a little more so even, but I’ll get to that later.

At first he was all excited about the mirror. Oo look cute baby! He smiled at himself. Made all the cute faces… It was great. And then… he discovered how fun the water is. Forget looking in the mirror now… lets play! He grabs ahold of the faucet. Tried to get to the (drawing a blank here)… nini’s you turn the water on with?  Was the hot water so I stopped him before he could do anything lol. He grabs at the water coming out.. and tries to make it spray different ways. Its soooo cute. And last night he cried when I turned the water off! He did a little better w/ me ending it today lol. Was about nap-time and he was tired. I need to get lotion on him again though… I don’t want the extra water to aggravate his skin.

Speaking of… poor thing is starting to get eczema. Kalila did too and hasn’t for awhile, so hoping his goes away. He’s getting it earlier and a little worse than she did though. Poor thing.  And then a min ago during another change I noticed his tummy is all rashy. Not like huge spots or eczema or anything, just red and irritated. From his diaper down he’s clear… Is why I noticed, its just light enough to miss until you see the difference. About to rewash sheets and packnplay nini and all that to see if that helps. Is really the only thing I can think of.. unless something on his shirt bothered him yesterday. 😦

Now Kalila… I love my daughter lol.

For some reason for the last few months she’s had something against cooked or warmed up food.  She’ll beg me not to heat it up or not to cook it. That she wants it cold. Now obviously I have to cook most things… and some leftovers can’t be eaten cold. But she cries and begs.. I feel bad. But seriously raw chicken or uncooked pasta just isn’t gonna work! I have no idea where its coming from either…

So today I decided I was going to go with it.  Not that she’d asked yet or brought it up or anything.. but I planned a cold meal just for her. I made pasta salad.  I did a bit more with it than I normally do (note: haven’t made this in years, before getting married even). I cooked some rotini, drained it and added half a can of corn, chopped tomato, maybe a quarter chopped onion (ours are huge), an avocado, pickle, a can of tuna and a little lime juice (the avocado lol).. plus ranch dressing and sea salt. Yes I know pasta salad usually has Italian dressing. I always do it with ranch though… Not sure what started that, but it works.  I think it turned out pretty good even with some of the odd stuff (like corn).  Kalila was so excited.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Cook It!

  1. Steph says:

    Alex is really big into things not being cooked and/or warmed up as well. I’m thinking that it’s because he doesn’t like the time it takes to prepare the food when I say I’m cooking so he protests against all things that need to be cooked.

    Your pasta salad sounds delish! I may have to do something like that soon as well. 🙂

  2. christy says:

    I love Pasta Salad. I usually make mine with fusilli, carrots, corn, green beans, peas, tomatoes, sharp cheddar cheese, and Italian dressing. YUM!

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