Oh For a Post

Sorry been trying to get one for the past two days or so lol. Since the last, whenever that was. I’m going to get the rest of the Baptism pics up asap… I started that one yesterday, just not done yet. It’ll be under the password though, sorry for those of you who won’t be able to see it but… family pics = only way its getting posted.

I kinda got a huge kick in the rear over getting that done too… Computer virus = us seriously thinking we’d lose all our pics. Seriously upset for a bit. Thankfully Uncle Bud came by and fixed it. I wouldn’t have lost the Baptism pics (I thought so though) because apparently I never took them off the camera lol… but the other half of Zavier’s Birth pictures (that aren’t getting posted) would have been, all our nursing pics and of course random other pics that I just don’t want to lose. I already did some of Kalila’s baby pics and still sad about that. Makes me glad I post as many as I do between here and FB though lol. But yeah, ended well… I’m being a ton more careful on here and gonna make sure all my favourites are posted somewhere too lol.

Kalila’s Bday is coming up. How crazy is that? I’ve already got her invites almost finished and need to get them out asap. I’ll put a page up here like I did the Baptism at some point soon. When I have time.

Zavier seems like he might be out to prove Dr M right. He’s not crawling yet, and I think (LOL) we have awhile still… But this morning he rolled onto his tummy and started rocking himself back and forth a bit. Then he’d stop and get his knees under him for a second, drop back down, and rock again… Later today actually got up on them and rocked himself a bit that way. He’s only done that the one time though.

Apparently I need to be careful with the Hylands gel. I don’t use much on him when he gets it, but it numbed me last night lol. Was just weird.

So glad Baba’s off tomorrow…

Last night we got to hang out w/ Uncle Bud & Tia Sallie for the first time in forever (not counting him coming by the night before). Was a lot of fun. We prob stayed way too late lol. We were all exhausted…

Funny story from the night before last… We were watching the Zohan movie (again lol) and Uncle Bud repeated one of the curse words in Arabic and Kalila got onto him for it. Just happens to be one of the ones she’s gotten in trouble for saying lol.  Seriously I go back and forth between thinking her “Did you say a bad word? You said a bad word!” is really cute and really annoying. But it is helping us stop…..

Zavier has outgrown his little co-sleeper thing.  Its officially been put away. Honestly its a lot more comfortable without it lol. I wasn’t sure about how things would go since we transitioned Kalila to a crib long before this point (2 months plus she was a little smaller), but its been fine. I think it helps that I was following all the “rules” of safe cosleeping w/out one when we had it so I’m already used to having things that way. I’d say I’m sad about not getting to use our new (and eco friendly whoo hoo – big surprise because we picked them up at Sams when we saw them for cheap and weren’t even thinking about that) pillows, but honestly I’m not used to them either and it feels weird still. I can do w/ out them for another 6 months or so… however long it’ll be.

Got another SB card today! So excited. Those things really do add up. I don’t know if I mentioned Lightspeed Panel Surveys but I got one on there too this week. Puts me up to 25 right now, so over a third of the way to my goal!

Ok I’m hungry and this little guy will not stay still on me here lol. Plus I wanna get a little more done before Kalila comes back from her walk w/ Gido.  I’d better get.


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