Ok so the title has nothing to do with the post… I just looked down at this little cutie who fell asleep on me and I just love the little sleeping eyelashes. So sweet.

And apparently I already posted what I just started to write. Silly me. My brain is somewhere else lately I swear. I do have several posts in mind that I’ve been meaning to write for awhile… and just haven’t. I guess it does free me up to do the FB one that I did not want to do tomorrow (would rather it be Fri or Mon lol).


Apparently cutting Zavier’s nails is a two person job… me w/ the clippers and Kalila dancing around to distract him and make him laugh.

Little miss in a bad mood is glaring and saying she’s not funny… while Zavier laughs at her.‌

Halfway through baking cupcakes and Zavier completely loses it on me… Is eating right now but keeps stopping to cry again. Kalila, little miss helpful, decided that shés gonna finish the cake for me… Yeah I was in the mid of chopping strawberries when I stopped. So glad I heard her drag a box across the room!!!

So Max & Ruby are having a lemonade stand on tv… and Kalila decided she’s having a “water stand” lol. She’s even bringing me glasses of it.

Later she made herself a sign and insisted I put it on the cooler she was using to sit the glasses on lol.

Zavier has decided he likes falling… sit up, fall over, grin! sit up, fall over, grin! Seriously he wasn’t even trying to sit up by the end of it, too excited to fall back on the bed. Was cute…

Apparently school is getting pushed back today. Kalila fell asleep lol. That’s ok, more time for me to do laundry. Seriously I’m excited about it… I don’t have to carry it upstairs or outside or anything. Eventually that’ll wear off but for now it has me all excited to do laundry again.

LOL Just heard Kalila yell out “NO! Not again!”

I wish I had my camera out… Just caught Kalila singing “walking on sunshine” to a Kailan music video!

Uggh. Kalila learned the phrase “creeps me out” and is going around saying that Zavier creeps her out. Was funny the first time (told Grandpa on the phone) but its getting old fast now.

Trying to get ready to go.. and Kalila’s keeping Zavier calm by singing to him. So sweet

Oh no… Zavier woke up, rolled over and started rocking himself. Not quite on his knees yet though… He goes back and forth on his tummy, stops, gets his knees under him, straightens em out (back on his belly) and then rocks again lol.

He managed it on his knees too later that day.

Kalila’s explaining to me how to get money with cards… Should I be worried?

Kalila: We need to go to the mushry store.
Me: The grocery store?
Kalila: No the mushry store.
Me: What’s a mushry store?
Kalila: Its where we get mushrooms.

Oops we forgot them today…

Kalila just told me she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore…

apparently Kalila has memorized the lines from Monsters Vs Aliens. Jas just caught her saying them along with the movie lol.

Sitting here sharing fruit with Kalila and she started laughing, slapped at the table and said “Mama… You freak me out!”

Oh good grief we need a new movie around here… Now Kalila’s humming here comes the bride.

Hopefully I’ll get the real posts out soon.  Sorry I’ve been bad about it lately.


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