Well they were supposed to be cupcakes lol, but turned out more like muffins.  I decided to make them last week for the Virgin Mary’s Bday (Sept 8th), trying to start doing some little traditions like that for the kids… I was gonna have Kalila help me and just make it a fun little nini.  Didn’t happen quite like I’d planned though.

First off I was gonna use this recipe here -> Homemade Strawberry Cake.

Sounds good right? I had everything ready down to knowing what to do to convert it from the flour it calls for to the whole wheat one I needed… and then realized my blender is broken. Not 100% something is wrong with it broken, just stupidly broken. It got taken apart to clean. The glass is there, the top is there, the blades are there… but the nini that holds the blades to the glass? Gone. Vanished. Disappeared. Not here. Yeah, I’m not happy about this.

So at the last minute I had to find another recipe… which caused Kalila to flip out. She did not want me to get on here, she wanted to bake. Can ya blame her? I wasn’t too thrilled myself…  And me in a bad mood + her in a bad mood is no way to start out this little project.

Thankfully I found this recipe fairly easy -> Strawberry Cupcakes.

Perfect. Print the recipe and lets get going. Obviously I made some adjustments. Whole wheat of course. I cut the amount of sugar for a couple reasons. 1) I was running low on it and 2) the amount listed just seems excessive.  I also left out the vanilla… kind of as an experiment. I read somewhere that it makes no diff in taste if you have it or not… and I can’t stand the smell of the stuff so I wanted to see. They were right, I didn’t notice anything missing.

Kalila did get to help… I wish I’d gotten pictures. I let her mix together the dry ingredients (even dump them in the bowl). She was very excited about it. Unfortunately she also tried to eat them too.

I mixed the wet ones, thankfully with out her flipping over the sound. Normally she yells at me to turn the mixer off.

Another point I went off the recipe a bit.. I did not alternate wet dry when mixing the two… I was in a hurry at that point and figured I’d just toss em together and see what happened. Yes it could have been bad lol.. Thankfully it wasn’t.

Unfortunately just as I was chopping the strawberries to add in next Zavier woke up and started screaming. Not just crying… flat out screaming. It was awful. And of course Kalila starts in because she wanted to finish… Everything was just sitting out, she’s crying, I was feeding Zavier while he popped off every 5 seconds to scream at me again. It was awful.  Just thinking about it my blood pressure’s going back up lol.

Finally I got him settled down, he finished eating and fell asleep… but so did Kalila lol. No at that point I was kinda glad she did. I put him down and finished up, got the “cup-cakes” in the oven.

I was going to make a cream cheese frosting for them… but I tried one right out of the oven and seriously they did not need it. More like a muffin than a cup cake, but oh they were good! The strawberries reminded me of jelly.. so I decided to get Baba to try one (he hates everything strawberry, except strawberry jelly) and he liked it too.  Cutting the sugar was not an issue at all, they were still sweet enough that I’m thinking the 2 cups of it would have been awful lol.

They were so good that they keep popping in my head while thinking of Bday plans. For a second I thought about switching to that recipe for her cake… but no, I really want to do the one I had planned. But… since it is a breakfast theme (Green Eggs & Ham lol) muffins would go perfect with it too… So far we’ve got the cake, green eggs and (turkey) ham of course and strawberry muffins. Not sure if I’m gonna add anything to that or not, we’ll see. I’m looking forward to it though! Of course I’ve gotta get these invites printed out though… Which I need to do… now. So I’m off here lol.

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