Zoom Bucks

I know I’ve mentioned SwagBucks and LightSpeed on here before…But I have something new to share along those lines today.

Zoom Bucks

Its a lot like Swag Bucks. In fact it reminds me of SB back when I first signed up for it. I’ve been on this thing less than a day and have over 200 ZB’s. Now I know that’s prob not going to be typical… but still, more like what I got w/ SB back a few months ago.

One major downside to ZB’s is that you have to have 2000 ZB before you can cash out any rewards the first time.  I’m really not worried about that though. For one thing I’m pretty sure they’ll add up. And for another its only the first time, after that you can at 1000…

One thing that’s nice about it is its on a more logical pay scale than SB.

Example: Swagbucks $5 Amazon card = 450 SB. $25 Amazon card = 3150 SB. $50 Amazon card = 5900 SB.

Do the math here.. For the SB you pay for a $25 card you can get 7 $5 cards… that is $35 worth of cards… so you lose $10 in there somewhere.  If you buy the $50 card you lose $15.  Of course you can always just load up on $5 cards like I do so it really doesn’t matter in the end lol.

But ZoomPoints has them $10 Amazon card = 1000 ZB. $20 Amazon card = 2000 ZB. Etc.

If I continue with this I’ll prob get them by the $10 cards after this first $20 one, but I like how simple that is.  And at 10 to 1000 its not really that much diff than the other two programs. SB is 5 to 450 like I said (so 10 to 900) and LS is 5 to 550 (10 to 1100) putting this right in the middle of the two point wise.  To me that makes it seem doable.  Like it will work.

And as we all know every little bit extra helps out.. and its nice when doing it is something you do anyway like this (even before SB I searched things everyday lol. Don’t do too much more of it now).

Anyways, will do an update on this later 🙂  I’m hoping I get to that $20 card soon lol. Between that and the two other cards (one each from the other two sites) I’m close to getting that’d put me $5 from my goal which seems a lot more doable than it does right now (and honestly I’m antsy about it because its for something pretty important).

ETA – Huge advantage I missed.  Referrals. Swagbucks you get point for point for the first 1000 SB your referrals make from searches. Its nice.  Zoombucks… 10% across the board. Yeah, its less off of searches, but I can see that adding up to a lot more… esp when you add in the other ways to get points (like filling out surveys, your profile, etc).


2 thoughts on “Zoom Bucks

  1. Angela says:

    Thanks for mentioning this! I clicked your link and signed up. Would be nice to get some Amazon cards since I tend to shop there so much!

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