Just Under 2 Months…

I’ve started this post several times before (not today lol) and scrapped it every time. Not 100% sure how I want to go about it… I’m still not. I finally put it off to, I’ll deal with it when he hits 4 months old… and then things were crazy for awhile after his appointment so I put it off some more.  But I figure its time…


We are not starting Zavier on any solids until he’s at least 6 months old. I feel very strongly about this (ie I see anyone try to sneak him food in the meantime and I’ll have your head. Not that I’m worried about it too much, the only people who watch him are good about stuff). I did with Kalila too but let myself be talked into the whole “but she’s ready” thing despite that. I learned my lesson…

The AAP and the WHO both recommend exclusively breastfeeding (part of that equals no solids) for the first 6 months.

Yes I know that every baby is different, there are milestones to look at, etc… and he has met some of them, not all, but some of the developmental milestones needed before starting solids.  Even if he met all of them I would still feel the same way.  None of those milestones can tell you if the baby is at the point internally that they are ready to handle solids and that’s more likely to happen by 6 months than by 4.

Not giving anyone grief if they/you started yours early. Esp if it was recommended by your dr. Sometimes it is for different reasons. Some good ones, some not so much lol. Not my place to say which is which w/ your kids and if you’re happy with it that’s great.  With Kalila Dr M did push it a bit… She didn’t this time.  I’m not really surprised by that because I’ve seen her research and change her mind before and she just had a little one a few months before Zavier was born so she’s gotta be going through all this herself.

Before I end this I want to post a great article on the subject… from Kelly Mom -> Why Delay Solids.   This explains it way better than I ever could and has references and everything lol.

I do have another post tied to this one… about how we’re gonna go about solids. I’m very excited about it… but I don’t want to make this too long so I’m gonna end it here instead and make it a separate post. Not sure exactly when I’ll do it, hopefully soon.


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