My First Fiance

I told ya I’d prob do one on Zanzibar again at some point lol.

The first year I went (with the guys) we came across who we called the “Pizza Fundi”, we didn’t know his name yet but he made the best Zanzibar pizzas ever… We went by his booth every night at the food bazaar.

If you’re wondering what a Zanzibar Pizza is… imagine two circular pieces of dough one thinner and quite a bit bigger than the other. Smaller one placed on top. Then add a hamburger meat, onion and spice mix on top. Then shredded lettuce and carrot. Then diced tomatoes. A slice or so of happy cow cheese. Then break an egg over the top and scramble together. Fold up the edges a bit and cook over heat.  Missing anything? I know you can add chile’s to that too… I usually did. Feel like I missing something there, will have to pull out my recipe and see… haven’t attempted it in awhile.. is one of those I really want to learn to make them things, but I always get frustrated in the middle of it and end up cussing worse than a sailor. Its bad lol. No the pizzas are good… me making them is bad.  There’s a dessert version too, but I’m getting off track.

So we went to see him every night… and the next year I told the others I was going with about this guy. We looked for him our first night there and couldn’t find him. The next night we did, and found that the pizzas we got the night before were from the guy working with him.  Once again we went back every night…  Found out his name is Sherif and the other man was Malik. I keep thinking of him as Sherif’s assistant or being taught by him but I have no idea if that’s true or not lol.

I don’t remember if it started before or after the night we all danced to the Safari Sound Band track that was playing while in line or not… for some reason that stands out, prob because it was just goofy. But one of the nights Malik asked us our names. I told him (of sorts, us girls were going by our middle names and the guys random other ones just because it was vacation week and we were being goofy/getting away from ourselves) and he asked if I was married. I told him no. He asked if I was had a fiance. Once again I said no… and he said “I will be him”.  Every night after that we made jokes about our “engagement”.

The last night we were there Amy & I were talking pictures and decided we needed to get “engagement” pictures too.  Once again goofy… but a lot of fun.

Yes Baba knows about this story… its become a joke between us now too…


2 thoughts on “My First Fiance

  1. Rae says:

    You are crazy! Great story. 🙂

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