Sleep Child Sleep

I’ve almost got him back down…

Have to write a short post about the kids while I have time though. Too sweet.  Well most of it.

Kalila has turned into a little clown. She will do about anything to make her brother laugh. She makes faces at him, runs circles around him, hops, jumps, dances, does non-flipping flips, etc. Its hilarious. And he loves it.

I think that’s what she was trying to do when she bit him yesterday… Num on him to make him laugh. I’m assuming anyway. Either way she bit his cheek and he did not laugh. I wasn’t looking (had turned around) when it happened and as soon as I turned when he cried she was already patting/hugging him and apologizing.  I got this pic a few min later, not sure how well it’ll show up but I could see the pink cheek.

Zavier on the other hand is full of surprises.  He’s started sticking his tongue out and blowing raspberries… He seems to be very excited about this new “skill” because he does it over and over and over. Of course we all love it. He’s getting better at sitting too. The other night he was laying with his head on my shoulder (Kalila had just had a nightmare and was on the other side doing the same thing lol) and kept doing crunches to get to his food. Was really funny to watch. He didn’t want me to move him at all, fought that…  He’s really close to pulling himself to sitting completely upright that way.  This last one I’m 99% sure was completely random and unintentional… but he said Gido yesterday too. We’ll see if he does it again anytime soon lol. Kalila heard it too so I know it “happened” either way.  She got all excited lol.

Yay he’s asleep! Naps have been really difficult around here lately… Gonna get him down again and get back to what I was doing lol.


4 thoughts on “Sleep Child Sleep

  1. kim says:

    we are doing raspberries here too all the time.

  2. Salma says:

    I would love to see the video of him doing crunches to get his food, lol. Ah, do you see how the little things amaze us when they are this young? Now my big kids hate me and want to just impress other people *sigh*

    You’re an amazing mom MK. Thanks for the laughs.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      LOL yeah that would prob be a funny video 😀

      Thanks… and I’m sorry… they’ll come back around though. We’re starting to see a little of it w/ Kalila already. She thinks she’s a teenager already lol. It can hurt when they say or so some of those things though. The other day she told me she didn’t want to be my friend.

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