A few things hit me yesterday.. or at some point yesterday.

1. After Zavier was born I was surprised how easy the transition was from one kid to two… Yesterday it hit me what’s not so easy about it lol.  Now that he’s sleeping less, doing more… growth spurts and teething… all that fun stuff. Now its not quite as easy. Not bad. No complaints, I love it… but I’m falling more behind as of this last week or two.  On the other hand Kalila has been stepping up today and entertaining him, so that’s been nice. She’s growing up too!

2. September has suddenly become a lot busier than I expected it to be lol.  Between party planning, catching up around here (which admittedly is prob the biggest part), a new religious class (not that I’ve gotten to go yet and not sure if I will the next either), Kalila’s Godmother coming in today, a Bday party tomorrow, Kalila’s birthday Zoo trip (the party isn’t until Oct because of Magic is the Night), and I think I’m forgetting a thing or two lol. Plus we ended up going to school with Baba last Monday… not sure if we’ll make that a regular thing or not, I do enjoy going…  Still need to make a practice topsy turvey cake. Have never done one and don’t want the one for the party to be the first lol.  So yeah the month that I thought was going to be uneventful seems exactly the opposite.

3.  Zavier’s Baptism certificate came in the mail… We never got one with Kalila. Is funny how I keep noticing the differences like that with them…  I notice the personality and development ones too, but I don’t know I guess more expected and I know not to worry about them that they’re diff people and its normal… But the random things around them seem to bother me more & I’m not sure why. Its silly.  And about evens out really too… Whatever. I’m goofy and worry too much.  Happy about getting the certificate anyway.

Beyond that… So excited, I won the belly ring giveaway! 😀 Found that out today… Think its funny since I entered it after I lost one. I also got another $5 giftcard from Lightspeed.  About (a little more than) half way to a Swagbucks one… and still just under halfway to Zoombucks.  Haven’t spent much time working on them lately though.


2 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Rae says:

    You could probably request a copy of Kalila’s baptism certificate, right? Come to think of it, we still haven’t gotten a copy of our marriage license. Oops!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah and we prob will… just like we’ll prob get Zavier a baby book at some point. I have no idea when… I’m not really worried about it. Sad moment, but just a moment.

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