Where’s Barbie’s Brain?

I’m a mean mama today… She hasn’t told me yet, but I’m expecting it lol.

This kid needs to go to sleep lol… but I am enjoying watching him laugh at his sister.

:-/ I get Zavier down hoping he’ll sleep (boycotting naps right now) and hear Kalila “psst. Zavier” in a rather loud whisper. Yeah he’s not sleeping…

has a fussy Bub today. I need to find where I put the Hylands…

watching my kids talk/play together.. I love it.

Good grief. Kalila just bit Zavier. I think its gonna be one of those days… at least she admitted it and apologized to him (kisses and all).

LOL my sons turned british… I had to put him down (in the middle of a feeding poor thing) to clean up Kalila’s accident and he started crying “Mum Mum”

sitting here talking to my son about why he won’t sleep. I don’t know what he’s saying but it sure is cute!

Kalila is heartbroken over Tia Sallie leaving a min ago…

Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products is doing a carseat giveaway… Please “like” and let me know so I can enter this contest! I’m still working on getting Kalila’s new one and this would help a ton.

Loves hearing my kids laugh together…

Ok laid Zavier down… about 20 min ago.. and he’s already awake. Is happily playing with a stuffed Scooby Doo toy though.

Very excited about seeing Myra ***** in a bit. Kalila hasn’t seen her Godmother in forever… or since around Easter anyway lol.

Won another giveaway! 😀 Remember the one for belly rings that was posted right after I lost one of mine? Yeah… Of all of them to win lol.

LOL The status that sparked the great carseat debate (not really but still)… go figure. So did not expect it to turn that way after posting about a piece of jewelry lol.

Well def no worries about this little ones weight… He lost some after his visit and started to worry me, has made it back and then some… Over 17 lbs now! A whole pound in a week…

So Zavier bit me & I reacted (said ow and told him no)… Kalila ran in and asked what was wrong and I told her. She told me “Its ok, it was just an accident” LOL Trying to protect her baby brother.

ROFL Kalila walked in saying her Barbie is missing a brain…

That was followed by Kalila explaining that her own brain is in her cheek. Gotta love it!


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