Mumble’s Big Adventure

Guess who got out yesterday? Yeah we have no idea how long she was outside… We were actually gone most of the day. Gido called just before Baba’s class, we’d all gone with him, and told us that he saw her. Thankfully she let him catch her and we got our kitty back.

While we were out (among other things) we went to Target to test out a car seat for Kalila, see how she fits in it… but it wasn’t there. Boo. They had the one we’d seen at WM the night before, but it only harnesses to 40lbs and I’m not comfortable with that… If the height thing is the same maybe, but I need to see where she hits in both and so far I haven’t been able too. Still planning to use the cards and get it on Amazon, but… I want to see her in it first. I guess it’ll be a BRU trip at some point…. I’m losing momentum on getting my cards so I have time… Only half way there right now :-/

Also starting to think about Bday gifts w/ Kalila… I have a feeling Baba and I are on two completely different pages with this though. We started to talk about it yesterday and got distracted with other stuff. I want to do it online so we need to get going asap on that…. He has plans w/ Kalila tonight so hopefully tomorrow lol.

Oh and before I go… Invites sent, mostly. I’m still missing two addresses – neither one should be missing, they just are. Hoping none of them get lost in the mail this time :-/

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