Unplanned CS Post

Apparently its National Child Passenger Safety Week this week. I didn’t know until a CM/FB friend posted about it earlier.  I found that site I just linked a few minutes after I found out about it… linking it because it has some fact sheets and stuff that are interesting.

Like my title implies… I didn’t plan to do this post, just figured the timing was good.  So I’m not really sure where I’m going with it lol. Sorry.

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed we are an ERF and future EH family.  What that means (for those who don’t already know…) is that

  1. We will not turn Zavier forward when he hits a year old or 20 lbs. The law (here in TX anyway) says that he needs to be both first, but that’s a minimum… We continue RF to our seats limits. We got a good one this time 🙂  It can RF to 40 lbs and about 47 inches. Look at that this way, Kalila is 29 lbs and 36 inches or so… if we switched seats (and honestly I would love to do that if we could fit both seats RF) Kalila would still be able to RF in it now at 3 years old.  Granted Zavier is probably going to be a bit bigger, but I doubt he’ll need to turn around as early as she did (just after her second bday).
  2. We will not put Kalila in a booster seat when she hits 4 and 40 (or whichever comes later… prob the weight). Zavier either for that matter.  Her seat can only harness up to 40 lbs unfortunately… but thanks to her being smaller I’m starting to guess its going to expire before that happens and that will be a moot point. Zavier’s seat harnesses up to 65lbs.

Yes there will be boosters at some point too but obviously that is a long long long time from now lol. Not only do they have to hit those limits (or new seats limits) but they also have to meet other requirements like being mature enough to sit properly the entire time (which is prob gonna be an issue because going by that I should still be in a harnessed seat lol they’ll have a horrible example) and tall enough that the seat belt fits correctly.

Slightly switching gears here…

Yes I do feel very strongly about this subject and I’ve mentioned that and why before. Too many kids die from car accidents, too many are injured.

And on top of that I’ve made mistakes with our carseats myself. With my own kids (both of them).  That makes me mad… at myself mostly lol.  We’ve been lucky…  With Kalila’s carrier we used unsafe aftermarket products (void your warantee too), had the straps too loose, had the chest clip on her stomach (and I see pics of that done w/ seats all the time), I could go on… With her seat she has now we had the harness below her shoulders when we turned her FF because I didn’t know it was different once you turned.  And she used another seat that expired before she was born… but I’m going to stop there with that before I both get myself in trouble and go off on a soapbox I won’t be able to get off of for a very very long time. With Zavier we used the carrier in the car with its handle up, which apparently Evenflo ones are not supposed to be used that way.

All of that (or at least most of it) could have been avoided if we’d read the manuals more thoroughly, taken the seats to a certified tech, and/or talked to people who know what they’re talking about.  Still haven’t seen a tech (only one place I can find that has them here and its like pulling teeth to arrange it) but have joined the car seat safety group on CM recently. Is how I found out about the handle with Zavier… at least it was one mistake instead of 58 right?  I’m sure we’ll make other mistakes of one sort or another but I’d really rather them not be something this big.

Anyway point of that all being that there’s more than one reason I feel so strongly about this subject… and it hits a little close to home for part of it.

Some Links


American Academy of Pediatrics

Another AAP link (carseat checkup)

Texas DPS

I’m actually pretty excited about the last one… TX has updated carseat laws recently and they’re a lot better than they used to be… and their site actually mentions ERF now where it didn’t before.

Sorry I know I’m all over the place on this one. I have the biggest headache ever right now…  I want a Dr Pepper but its too late to walk to the store. Gonna get off here and see if I can get the last 50 SB I need to make it to 35. Unfortunately the stupid car seat went up to 80 so I have even farther to go than I did last week… a bit depressed (and annoyed) about that.

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