♥ Video’s

Just got this one… If you’re wondering why Kalila’s voice is in it but she’s not its because she’s refusing to get dressed again.

Kalila playing dress up w/ her brother… Sorry its so dark. And the thumb sucking thing… Kalila never did that before Zavier was born :-/

Kalila talking about the party…

First part of the one before lol. Both kids.

Zavier… I was hoping to catch him moving around more (although you can see how he gets his knees up towards the end) but the rasperries were too cute anyway.. and the tired/thumbsucking part too. Love it.

I had one from earlier today too but the batteries died before I could get it uploaded. I’ll post it later.  I’m trying my best to catch him trying to crawl lol.

I have some pics too but they’ll have to wait.


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