Princess and the Frog

No this isn’t about the movie lol… although Kalila’s swung back towards it being her favourite again. Honestly I’m very thankful for that since she’s got Monsters vs. Aliens memorized to the point she’s saying the lines along with it and humming the wedding march.

No… The night before last Baba took Kalila out to catch frogs. I think he just took her out to play at first really, but they ended up going after frogs. The first one he called me out to see… They caught it somewhere around the house. After it got away they went looking for more, went down to the water (trying to word that w/out giving location away is not easy lol) to look for more.  She actually named 2 of them… Loolah and Froglah. Or at least that’s what Baba said… Kalila said something about a Doula too which kinda cracked me up.

I wish there were pictures. From what I saw it was too cute. And Baba’s description of the rest was even cuter. Apparently she’d squeal and giggle every time they hopped.

Gonna do my best to get a (protected) picture post up soon. I do have a few pics to share even if not of this. Video’s too.


3 thoughts on “Princess and the Frog

  1. kim says:

    we did watch that princess movie a few times last May on a rental netflix. sofia likes it. we never saw aliens in the attic.

    sounds like kalila had fun.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      We’ve never seen Aliens in the Attic either. Is that another cartoon? & understood about celebrating/posting early. We’re doing ours the next week because of a big fundraiser here this weekend. Kalila’s gonna grow up celebrating her bday in Oct every year lol.

  2. kim says:

    oh and yeah her bday is sept 27…we are just celebrating it this weekend and i just felt like posting early about it since i was bored…lol.

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