Similac Part 2, BF Moments & Solids

In case any of you who use the stuff is still having a problem getting through to them, someone from Similac actually posted a response to my last post with a second number you can try calling. I may be nitpicking here (I know I am) but it kind of rubbed me the wrong way that it was directed at me and not one of the people who actually use the stuff. I know, I know.. I wrote the post, but still…  Eh… Looking at it again its kinda funny. Believe me they don’t want to hear from me.

Once again disclaimer, not bashing anyone who FF’s… I know there are times that it can be necessary and all that. I just don’t like the stuff or the companies  practices.

Anyways, onto what I was going to post about… which is oddly on a very similar note.

Yesterday (wait, maybe it was this morning…) Baba walked in here while I was feeding Zavier, I think he was getting ready for work. Anyways, he walked in and sat down watching me and commented about me enjoying nursing Zavier. It made me happy… I don’t remember if I posted about it or not, but awhile back he got it in his head that I didn’t like it for some reason… well the first time he made the comment kinda made sense.  I was 5 months pregnant, Kalila was still nursing a lot and I was sore and touched out… I know I grumbled about it a bit more than I really meant lol. The second time the comment was made, made absolutely no sense. I love nursing our kids (well son, I am not tandem nursing  lol). I prob will grumble from time to time.. or yell if I get bit 😀 Zavier’s proving a bit harder to teach not to than Kalila was… is still not that bad though. Anyways, point being I still love it. And I’m glad Baba sees that. I’m glad he commented.

What I don’t love is pumping.. but its been a moot point because I still don’t have one. Stinks because I really want to donate…  and while leaving a bottle for Zavier when we go out (lol has only happened once so far, will again on Monday though) is still possible without one, its not as easy either.  That I will (am) complain(ing) about. Isn’t as big a deal as the issue that I brought up on Weds, but still aggravates me that the one I had was broken/lost and that I lost out on another and found a third but haven’t been able to get it and starting to doubt I will.

Kalila is still nursing her dolls… I wish I could get a pic of it, is too cute. She’s also started telling me that she’s gonna be a mommy when she’s older. Unfortunately she’s in this baby food stage too, pretends to spoon feed them… and tries w/ Zavier too. I seriously didn’t expect the 3 year old to be the one I had trouble keeping from feeding him! She keeps insisting that he needs it :-(.  Worse… Well no I can’t decide which is worse, but other times she sits in front of him with a piece of fruit or something and taunts him with it.

Zavier… he’s doing great. Is over 17lbs now and growing out of clothes left and right.  His diapers covers and pockets are all getting adjusted to the bigger sizes. And at the moment he’s smiling up a storm at his big sister.

We’re all really looking forward to next month too. Zavier prob more than any of us. He tries his best to steal our food lol. I’ve started working on a schedule for introducing them (barring no reactions setting anything back). I’ve about decided to wait a couple days past 6 months to make it easier on myself. First of the month falling on a Monday seems like it would be easier to keep track of since I’m doing one a week. Still kinda debating how to do the spices and stuff… if I want to do one a week with those too or split it in half since none of the rest of us have had issues w/ them and they’re not very likely to be an issue. I don’t have any scheduled until 7 months too so that’s part of my thinking there too. Eh I could end up completely redoing it all lol.  I wish I had copies (or knew where they are) of Kalila’s schedule. We weren’t planning on doing the same as hers, but would be nice to double check a couple… at least I remember what was an issue though.

Ok I’m babbling now… I’m pretty sure the washer has stopped and the kids are fighting me (and each other) on naps so I need to get.. as is I’m up and down from the post and its gonna start making less and less sense if I don’t stop lol.  Esp now that the meltdown has begun. Welcome back headache….


2 thoughts on “Similac Part 2, BF Moments & Solids

  1. kim says:

    I also am not going to be here monday evening and wondering what I am going to do about a bottle for the baby.

    I am thinking about trying to make it to 7 months without food if possible.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Good luck, hope you figure it out. i know what I’m gonna do.. just not looking forward to hand expressing lol.

      I was planning 6 months at least… would have been ok with 7 but I know Zavier won’t hold out that long. I’m already getting grief (not much but a little) because he’s showing so much interest. I started Kalila at 4 so I’m still happy with it being exactly 6… and you never know, if he doesn’t want it as much as he acts like he does I won’t force it.

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