The Forgotten Garden

I almost didn’t want to post about this one because its another I have to be vague book. I’ve been reading a lot of them lately apparently lol. Is just what I’ve been in the mood for!  But… this one was just too good!

Its by Kate Morton… and I found it at Target for 20% off (which is always nice). Not only did it seem interesting, and was on sale, but its a big book.. and the few times I’ve gotten to read lately I’ve been flying through them. Probably because I miss doing it so much.  Unfortunately it wasn’t quite as long as I thought originally because the font is a little bit bigger than normal, I didn’t notice at first… Baba did.  I’m not complaining though.

Once again, another mystery. This one is about a girl who was found on a ship that landed in Australia and was raised by the family that found her. She finds out that they weren’t her real parents on her 21st bday and spends her life searching for the truth… An odd set of events leave her unable to finish her search and her granddaughter takes it up and finds out the last bit.  I should have expected that it was going to jump between times and places (and points of view) but I didn’t lol. Thankfully I don’t mind that either… a lot of my favourite books do that. Baba would have hated it though.  So if you don’t like that style, this is probably not the book for you… But… I have to say most books I figure things out very early on and that did not happen here. It left me guessing until the very end and it was a nice change.  So it may be worth it anyway.

I do have to add that if you pick up this book, ignore  the review on the back. It is not frightening lol. The rest of the review was great… and I wouldn’t have minded if the book did have some “scary” parts to it… but it didn’t and I was kind of expecting that because it was mentioned on there.  Strange.


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