Poor Girl

Kalila did a lot better in Church today… Not saying there were no issues, but she did sit or stand by me for about half the Mass or so…  She got really excited by a couple little ones (one an 8 month old) and started going after them… is when things went a bit downhill. Still no major screaming and we avoided leaving even if just barely… I’m not going to complain.

Now what I am complaining about a little (no mostly just feel bad for her) is that towards the end someone pulled out M&M’s for their kid right about the same time Zavier was getting fidgety on me.  Now ignoring the whole eating in Church bit… they were the kind with peanuts. So obviously it wasn’t just a she’s not allowed to eat here/right now thing, but a she can’t have them thing.  Thankfully the mom asked first… and then tried to pull out some peanut butter crackers instead… I explained and tried to distract Kalila again, but by that point she wasn’t having it… was whining and crawling under chairs to get away from me because she was mad and knew I was about to take her out. Well apparently she did manage to get one from the kid somewhere in there…   She had to have. Is probably why they offered her the second bag. We got to the restaurant afterward and she started complaining about her tummy hurting. We got back here just in time to have major problems (that I’ll spare you the details of).

Hopefully she’ll be feeling better tomorrow. Is our big zoo day. We’re all looking forward to that 😀 We didn’t get to go in April like we hoped so its been longer than usual.


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