For those of you on there… Swagbucks was down for a few days (or having probs) so they seem to be making up for it lol. I’ve found 11 SB 3 times in the past (maybe) 10 minutes. I think that’s stretching it a bit because I’ve been doing other things and only sat down a couple times and still found that.

Zoombucks I’m partly discouraged with… just getting to 730 ZB or so now, days without getting any (where I’ve already gotten a SB card despite the issue) but… Right now they have a ton of video’s on there on the Gambit section so very easy way to get points racked up.


2 thoughts on “ZB & SB

  1. Tabitha says:

    I guess I need to get on the ball, I rarely find any SB, I have found a few codes from the site you gave me, but usually by the time I get to them they are gone, 😦

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Aww… If you miss a SB code you can search it, almost always gives SB and usually more than the code was worth lol. I haven’t tried that w/ ZB though.

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