Ok, other than the ones we hand delivered yesterday… We’re sending out the rest of hte invites today, so if you’re expecting one & don’t get it within a few days PLEASE let me know so I can resend it. (I am missing a few addresses, so if you got a message about that add a few days past replying first lol) Apparently… we’re still having mail issues (stuff getting lost) so I’m paranoid about it…

I don’t know whether to think this was extremely creative or just gross… Kalila stacked her potty on top of her step stool and was using it, the diaper pail, and the closed toilet as a drum set.

Zavier stayed up on his arms and knees for at least half a minute… He’s so proud of himself lol. Has really been working on moving today… This morning he scooted halfway across the bed… backwards lol.

Do we have yogurt? Me – No
Kalila – What is there for me to eat? Me – Do you want some cheese?
Kalila – I don’t want food… I want junk!

Where does she get this stuff? Kalila just told me something sounded lame…

LOL Kalila just put her hands in time out. I don’t know what they did, but she’s pretty upset at them… yelling at them and everything.

In comments: This is getting better and better.. Apparently if they don’t behave she’s gonna spank her hands butts and one is a boy and the others a girl.

Awww… Zavier just said “Baba” too bad Baba’s not hear to hear it…

Kalila just stuck a chopstick in her apple and is calling it a lolipop…

Oh no… Zavier’s scooting towards the cat’s tail… Gotta go rescue him.

Awww… Jas came home w/ Dr Pepper, chocolate, goldfish (the snack not the pet) for Kalila and a couple outfits for Zavier.

had to sneak off and eat the chocolate as fast as possible because little miss is not asleep like she should be and he got me reeces peanut butter cups and she can’t have them. I got caught too…

This one started a conversation about hummus lol.

Jas is proud of his son… Zavier just tried to take a bite out of Barbie’s backside lol. (Kalila was trying to play Barbie w/ him)

So much for getting a video of this… can’t find the battery charger 😦 Zavier is practically crawling right now (is hopping on his knees instead of alternating them though lol).

Kalila is insisting that Zavier’s name is Louie….

Kalila (who’s been in a mood all day) just hissed at me!

The “mystery” from earlier was solved right before Jas took the kids to the store. Kalila walked up to me and told me that the boy gave her a candy at Church. So our guess was right… Poor thing.

Apparently I really did rob the cradle… Kalila just said that Jas is gonna be 13.

Now… if I can just get us off to the zoo now!


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