Bday Zoo Trip

I’m breaking the Bday posts into parts so they aren’t too long.  I can’t believe Kalila is 3 years old today… just doesn’t seem right lol. On the other hand, she definitely looks and acts like a 3 year old.

The zoo trip was a lot of fun. Baba wanted to take the stroller, but unfortunately I didn’t have it ready in time… Took the wrap (which I’d planned to do anyway) and had no problems. One lady commented to me that her daughter lived in hers lol.  I wish I’d been able to get more pictures than I did… but my batteries died on me. A few of these (obviously) are video’s too. I had fun with it. Btw ignore my hair… I was wearing a tichel at first and it wouldn’t stay tied.. then the headband I had on to keep it from slipping off (I really should have worn the other but it needs washing) disappeared somehow. Sad. Anyways, left me with the worst hair day ever…

Yeah, we had a lot of fun… I wish my camera had lasted the whole trip… esp since I didn’t get to take any pics of Africa Live and that’s my favourite part lol. Was our first time seeing part 2 and it was great! Yes I was like a kid in a candy store lol. Kalila was pretty excited too.  And before we left (on the way out) we saw the Black Spotted Leopard walking around… I kinda (more than kinda) felt bad for it though… Looked pretty upset. I might have taken a pic w/ my phone on that one, I’ll have to go back and check. If I did I’ll post it later.


3 thoughts on “Bday Zoo Trip

  1. Keith says:

    Zoo trips are always fun! My fall break begins on Friday, so we’re going to make a trip ourselves. Happy birthday to Kalila. You’ve got some fun times ahead!

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