Last night sucked.

First that glass thing happened… I did get the cardboard up, not great, but up.

Then we decided to go to WM to pick up a few last min things for the party.

Unfortunately the piñata wasn’t discussed like it should have been. Tia Sallie and I talked about it, Baba and I didn’t. So when I looked at them a few days ago it caught him comp off guard and he had no clue what we were thinking… which caused more confusion when I went to find one I could convert to Green Eggs and Ham… He thought I was thinking there would be one already made. Um. no. I was looking for the Hulk lol. Spider Man might have worked, but I went the lazy way and got a Tinker bell one. Its a circle so I can just print pictures and lay over it… and the strings are already the right colours.

Then the cake… The whole reason I picked this theme (ok plus she likes the book lol) isn’t gonna happen. Partly because I didn’t have a chance to practice making a topsy turvy cake but mostly because “I cuss when I make fondant”.  Really really really really cute cake idea thrown out the window.  So I’m doing a plate and making a ham and eggs out of gum paste (store bought gum paste) to put on top.  Works, but blah.  I am not looking forward to this cake anymore. Upside is  no fondant that can’t go in the fridge so maybe I can still do a cream cheese frosting.

There were no #3 candles. Every other year, no 3. No plain party hats either and she wanted one.

But the real problems didn’t start until we left… Kalila grabbed a black and pink witches broom… started riding it around and trying to clean the floor (which did need it). She was not happy when we tried to stop her, so Baba decided to take her out.  He got the kids and headed to the truck while I paid.

Now… when we left here Kalila insisted on wearing her rosary. I thought about saying no but didn’t want a melt down. Was distracted in the store and didn’t think about it.

After I paid I started to push the cart out and saw a very large man walk by with the same exact rosary around his neck. Now… this rosary is a tot rosary. Made for toddlers. Huge beads in bright colours.

Got outside and nope she didn’t have it anymore. We asked her and she said she took it off inside. Baba went to find it while I got Zavier strapped into his carseat and fought Kalila over getting into hers. For some reason she was in the front seat (buckeled in) and seemed to think she was riding there “next to Baba” and would not budge. Not happy. Spent the entire time fighting that (I was in a skirt and the other side was locked, won’t unlock from the outside) when Baba came back w/out it.He got her in her seat.. and then (because he’s nicer than I am) he went back and looked again. Still no rosary.

So we’re all in the truck and ready to go… and the truck wouldn’t start. Battery died on us. Thankfully a few min later a man parked a few over heard Baba on the phone and decided to help us out…

Which about turned the night around I guess… We got home, the kids went to bed very easily, I made fideo’s that turned out right for the first time ever… but I was still about in tears from everything else.  Still have a bit to do today, but it seems to be going well… Putting off the cake though, I should be working on that.


2 thoughts on “Stress

  1. deltaflute says:

    ((((hugs)))) I hate bad days too. Once things go bad, other things just plain don’t go well after that, do they?

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