3 Year Checkup

A bit out of order here, but I have to go through a ton of pictures before I do the one on the party… not gonna post them all, but still lol.

Kalila had her 3 year checkup this morning.. and Zavier had his vax only appointment.  It went really well.

Kalila is now 31 lbs.. which is 7 lbs since her last appointment and moves up to average on the charts. We know most of that gain is recent and guessing the fact that she was gaining so slowly before  was from the whole peanut mess.  Looking back it started when we introduced them…  She’s also 38 inches. Everything looks good…

She did a good job talking to Dr M and showed off how she draws circles. Tried to draw an x and did parallel lines (just like the dr thought she would lol). We talked to her about some of the stuff she was doing… Oh and she made us all laugh when she showed off her bruise, called it a brew. When Dr M said “bruise” Kalila told her “No, just one”.

And the shot… Once again Baba talked to her about it before. She wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but didn’t get really upset either. Did try to convince us she had already gotten it though lol. But the nurse gave it to her, she whined a bit.. said it hurt and that was it. We were very proud.. Poor thing limped for a few minutes on the way out though lol.

Zavier… only got the Rotovirus today. Apparently they stopped making the PC one he’d gotten before and only make a new one with more strains and she sent info home w/ us to look over before we give it to him. Kalila’s prob gonna be getting it soon too (as a booster), could have today but like I said reading the info first.  Anyways, Rotovirus is oral so no shot for him today… None of it got spit out though, so that was nice.

Kalila doesn’t have to go in for another year… and Zavier’s next appointment was already scheduled (I think its Nov 1st). Was kinda nice getting to leave w/out having to do anything extra lol.

Oh – mostly unrelated, but haven’t mentioned it before and did hers already… we didn’t weigh Zavier there obviously but I did on Friday… He’s 18 lbs now!

Ok, off now… will post about the party soon 😀

2 thoughts on “3 Year Checkup

  1. christy says:

    Sounds like everyone is healthy! I dread going to the doctor’s office. I swear I take my kids in HEALTHY and they come home SICK. Ugh.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah that happened at Zavier’s last one… we’re pretty sure it was a vax reaction but still. Thankfully not this time… Our pedi’s office has a well visit wait room and a sick one.. I think that helps some. May just be in my head, but still lol.

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