Wood Floors

I love having wood floors now… even if it means sweeping multiple times a day lol. But… I think I need to look more into how to clean them because vinegar alone is just not doing it. They’re clean, but… need help.  I’ve found a few ideas online that I think I’m gonna try.  Crossing fingers here.

Here’s the link I’m using for now – > Best Natural Hardwood Cleaners


2 thoughts on “Wood Floors

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog, Tried it, Liked it 🙂 I also have a post on homemade clothing detergent if anyone is looking for information on making that as well: http://trieditlikedit.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/sort-of-liked-it-making-my-own-detergent/
    I love how you posted so many ideas fom different blogs, very helpful! Thanks! 🙂

    • Mama Kalila says:


      I have several posts on homemade laundry soap already… not planning to make anymore anytime soon, found another option I prefer.. if I was I would check that out. Thanks for sharing though, at some point I need to add in links to those up above too lol. I’ll make sure this one’s on there!

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