And Its Begun…

I’ve been in here trying to hang up laundry and only gotten half I wanted to done because this little boy here keeps grabbing Kimosimi’s tail!  I move him away and he moves himself right back.. and grabs the tail again. So glad Kimosimi’s in a good mood. Kalila’s even lectured her brother about it lol. Apparently she thinks he needs time out.

He’s also grabbing at everything here… I have him in my lap now so he doesn’t tick the cat off… so he’s going after everything on the desk.

And in not so happy news… The men came back to work on the windows again, got two of them out… and Mumble has disappeared. I’m hoping she’s just hiding, but it doesn’t look like it.  I don’t see her outside either…  Kalila is convinced that she’s in the backseat of her car and has run away to get a toy… will be back when she gets it.  I hope we do find her.

w               rrrttttt  b                     t                              v  [o[ od

Apparently Zavier had something to say. Not sure how he got the text like that lol.


2 thoughts on “And Its Begun…

  1. Keith says:

    I agree wholeheartedly! (with what Zavier said.)

    It’s awesome you have kid friendly pets in the house. A couple I know had their first child recently and had to get rid of their dogs (it was like getting rid of family for them). My mom’s cat is not so much pleased with sitting and being petted, so Grayson has been taught to avoid her.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah.. both cats have their moments. Mumble puts up with a lot more than Kimosimi, but she can be pushed too far like anyone else. Kimosimi seems to have a soft spot for Zavier. He got tired of Kalila picking on him and he’ll go after her if she’s not nice… He’s only gotten mad at Zavier once… for grabbing his face (was petting him and got brave). The tail had me worried, but he didn’t even budge. I kept moving Zavier hoping it’d stop but he’s determined…

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