Zavier just crawled!!! It took him being naked (rolled after a diaper change and then took off) and going after a toy of Kalila’s that he’s not allowed to play with.. but still, he crawled! Ok.. it was also like two or three crawly steps before he fell back on his tummy lol. Still. Cute! Excited.

Sigh I’m in trouble now aren’t I?

In other news, Kalila is very unhappy with me because I turned off the tv. She got into some DVD’s and painted the floor with them while I was in the bathroom. I looked up just in time to catch her before they all ended up down there. She made a huge circle w/ the ones she had, was kinda like an odd art project.  Zavier’s crawling distracted her for a bit… She was still playing with him (showing him how to use a toy lol) when I started this, but now she’s back to pouting.

And now I’ve gotta run…

One thought on “Mobile

  1. christy says:

    How exciting!

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