Just Stuff..

Kalila started talking about the rosary thing tonight (just a min ago). She told me “people might take Zavier” and I asked where she heard that and she said “Well… people take my other necklace…” It took me a second to realize she was talking about the rosary. I asked if she meant that and she started talking about Baba going to look for it and everything. She hasn’t really said anything about it in a week or so, so it caught me off guard a little bit. Esp the Zavier bit. She’s 3 she shouldn’t be worried about stuff like that!

Zavier is still working on his crawl. He got it that once, and has come close a couple more times… He’s getting his knees down (moving them) but keeps forgetting to move his hands lol. He has figured out another way to get to what he wants though… moves his knees and then lunges his whole body forward (and falls on his tummy in the process). I keep hoping I’ll catch it on camera but not yet.

LOL Just heard Baba & Kalila in the living room. He’s putting on Beauty & the Beast for her & she told him she needs a ferocious beast….

Followed by her walking in here and telling me that sunchips are better than sandwiches.

Glad I have a couple of those to share, I like the fun little stories. This morning was not a fun little story. We had another issue at Church. A new one actually… and it ended in a big time out (us going out to the car until Mass was over).  Thankfully it made an impression because she was very serious about telling me she would behave next week. We’ll see… I really hope so. Not expecting perfect, just not whats been going on. Anyways, needing a dose of cute today lol.

Oh and to be fair she behaved really well after Mass when we went to the MCC. Didn’t want to leave and was in a huff on the way out (told me she was mad at me and that she wanted to play with one of her friends), but still… Is cute to see her running around and playing w/ the kids. And she tried baba ganoush for the first time while we were there. She got this horrified look on her face when she tried it. Was pretty funny.

I made it to my original SB goal the other day…. Unfortunately since the seat went up I still have 4 more cards to go.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. We’re heading over to the zoo at some point to take in the groupon thing and get our membership card (or however they do it). For a second or two I even more excited because it’s the day the Natural Parenting group here meets there… but they moved it to Tuesday this week. Rats! I have not gotten to go to a single thing…

On that note. I was figuring the same would be true for LLL (La Leche League) meetings here… A friend on FB mentioned thinking the same and coming up on one by accident and finding out she could make it. So I looked into them here… So close. Monday’s – Baba’s off, Location- not mentioning but doable, 7pm – and Baba’s still at class.  Maybe when this semester ends. Crossing fingers.

Somehow I hurt my back the other day. I think it was picking Zavier up out of the pack n play. My brains a little fuzzy so I’m not 100% sure, but I think that’s what did it. It feels like I pulled something… or it did. Is getting better now. Took several days though. And has meant that I have not worn Zavier once during International Babywearing Week. I planned to a little today, but we didn’t end up going w/ Baba earlier so I didn’t. Tomorrow though right?

Eh I’ll end this here.. Zavier’s arms are flying all over the place and its getting harder and harder to type lol.


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