Mmm Handsoap?

Kalila just told me she’s taking a nap! Zavier’s crying is bothering her though lol… Not sure what’s up with this little guy today, he’s just not happy. Wasn’t last night either.

making meat pies for dinner (yes this late, grumpy kids = late dinner tonight) and it smells so good. Very thankful to whichever mama on CM mentioned doing them with Pillsbury crescent rolls lol… yet another thing I can use them for.

Kalila just made herself a nest… With a couple chairs and a stepstool. Is a very odd nest lol

I guess I have to thank the JW’s that showed up this morning… While I was dealing with them Kalila somehow climbed up and got her own clothes out of her closet. Not sure how… but she did dress herself for the first time! :=D Now if she’ll just keep them on…. (the shirt is already off cause it got “wet”)

uggh… new bag of cat litter = backache. And a mess since Kalila decided to “help” with the baking soda…

You’d think its the end of the world the way Kalila’s acting over her Gido leaving tonight.

Night terrors are back… and she’s scared Zavier twice in the middle of it tonight. Not happy…

Kalila just brushed her teeth with hand soap :-/

had an awwww moment watching bringing home baby… they’re using cloth and nursing their twins. And then a friend comes in and starts making fun of them for it :-/

Well that was easier than expected… Kalila climbed in the pack n play to play w/ Zavier after his change and now he’s asleep and she’s curling up next to him… I might just get two napping?

Kalila just smacked me over the head w/ the mop 😐

went from having a great day to completely stressed in a few seconds… but I got the cardboard up (kinda) and Kalila’s not exactly throwing a fit anymore… just pestering me about the lemonade lol. If I hear “is it cold yet” one more time….

just got corrected by Kalila… The frogs aren’t turning into people, they’re turning into *humans*. LOL

Oh my.. The let me do its have started… well not started, but gotten worse.

And now I get to sweep up a ton of powdered lemonade… guess who tried to make a glass?

Awww.. Zavier just fell asleep on the living room floor!

About to break into one of Kalila’s gifts she hasn’t opened yet (the box not the gift) and play for awhile before I get going on laundry and stuff.

“HAPPY NATIONALMIDWIVES WEEK!! If you know an LM, CPM, CNM, or CM that has touchedyour life… if you believe that the safe, cost-effective, loving and nurturing care that midwives provide is improving birth in this country, please make this your status, and thank your midwife today! ♥…♥ ♥”

– Yeah not about the kids or everyday life but sharing for obvious reasons. I normally dont do these type of      status messages either.

Kalila is learning to play her harmonica softly…well trying anyway.

Oh no! Zavier is figuring out how to undo the velcro on his diapers…

I really hope I can get this pic up…. just love seeing Zavier sitting up on his own, playing with his feet and stuff lol.

Just saved the baby from having his temp taken with a meat thermometer!

‎*Zavier crying*
Me – What’s wrong honey?
Zavier – Ahhhh boo!
I love that he picked up the same “word” his sister used lol.

Listening to Kalila lecture Zavier for pulling Kimosimi’s tail. Glad the cats in a good mood today.. now if we can just find his sister :-/

Kalila just stole a whole (raw) bulb of garlic off the counter and is trying to eat it…

Jason – Glad I got a piece (of pie) last night.
Me – Me too!
Kalila – Me three!

Apparently naked baby plus toy he’s not supposed to play with (Kalila’s puppy alive thing) on the bed equals crawling!

Awww.. Kalila’s being a big helper, feeding the cats. She got onto me because they were hungry.. can’t exactly do it right now so she decided to do it herself instead of wait until her brothers done lol.

Oh dear… She just put a rosary around her neck, said “attention please” then stuck the crucifix to her lips and whistled before yelling “now play! Kick the ball!”

I think I need sleep. I just walked into a wall w/ Zavier. Thankfully it just made him mad.

Kalila just turned down cinnamon rolls… She wanted toast w/ cream cheese. I’m not gonna complain lol.

if anyone knows where to get a Star Wars Mei Tai (besides the baby hawk ones) or anyone that makes them, please let me know!

Kalila came home passed out lol. She picked out some cute clothes… gonna have to get them washed tonight because I KNOW she’s gonna insist on wearing one of them tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Mmm Handsoap?

  1. Salma says:

    Wow, full day. Kalila is really growing up…toast over cinnamon rolls(?)
    Ok, if you waked into the wall with the baby you are more than tired. Hope you had some rest.

  2. Marni says:

    It took me a while to catch on to what this was. I am glad your comment above clarified.

    She sounds like a typical handful child. hehehe.

    How’d you get the posts locked below? Do you have to enter a password for each one or do they all open up when you do? That’s sort of nifty. I don’t think I’d want to do it because I think I’d lose some readers, but it’s something I’ve never seen.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah… Thankfully I haven’t seemed to lose any (or many anyway). I have had one complaint and it was kinda funny because she claimed 3/4 of the posts were locked when there was like 2 in the last 10 or so at the time. Oh well. I know there’s more lately, but I’m trying not to do it too much.

      Basically wordpress has a public/private/password option when you write a post. Was one of the things that drew me to transferring over here. I really dislike having more than one blog… it messes with me lol. I like the ease of one.. but at the same time there’s things I just don’t want public and I go back and forth on the whole picture thing.

  3. Deborah says:

    If you got any good tips on the Star wars mei tai, please share! It never would’ve occurred to me but I know my husband would love it.

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