What A Day

Apparently this is the fifth post of mine with this title.. I’m creative lately aren’t I?

We did not go to the zoo today 😦  Baba didn’t really feel up to it this morning and then it rained a bit… He had class tonight. Just didn’t work out. Sad. But that’s ok, we can go next week.

Was still an interesting day.

Kalila played with this matching puzzle thing she got for her Bday. She’s only played with it once before and did really good… She figured out a few matches that I didn’t really expect her too like chicken and egg. She even told me that baby chickens come from eggs on that one.

Then we went to school w/ Baba. She insisted on sushi… no complaints is what I wanted too lol. Zavier kept reaching for mine… and then Kalila stole half the “orange” (caviar) off of mine and then one whole piece of mine. She also got a thing of milk and finished it off… has been drinking a lot more milk lately, we’re pretty happy about that.  While we were there she surprised me again though…

We were looking at a book she picked out not long ago. Is full of bedtime nursery rhymes… Some of them are great (prayers) and I’m glad we got it because it has some lullabies in it and I couldn’t remember the words to them for anything (hence me singing Jambo Bwana to Kalila as a baby lol)… but some of them are awful! One has a goose push someone down the stairs for not praying! Another encourages kids to go out and play in the street at night…  Now I know a lot of nursery rhymes are morbid and stuff but good grief!  Anyways, what surprised me wasn’t so much the stories (well they did too) but that she was picking out letters and telling me the sounds they make. We have not been working on that…. I’m guessing we need too lol.  She got quite a few right until she got tired of the game and started making stuff up. I’d just asked her to see what she’d do/say.

From there we went groc shopping… Sams was fine, but we got distracted after AB w/ getting the kids back in (one very wet after having a potty accident) and left our groceries at the store! Baba realized it when we got back. He went back… I’m really hoping they saved them for us.  He just got back so we’ll see…

LOL they did.

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