Baby Led Solids?

I’ll admit it, I’m goofy… I started thinking about introducing solids with Zavier long before he was really thought of… before Kalila was even a year old.

Long story short, I knew before we started her that I wanted to make her baby food (and was really looking forward to it) and that I wanted to wait until she was 6 months old. The first we did, the second… not so much.  Not getting back into that whole subject. Have written about that already and is not the point of this post.  The reason I mention it at all is we (I) didn’t look too much into what I was going to introduce first. We assumed we had to do cereal… and then Baba and I talked and decided on peas I think? Or was it green beans? Both were early on, but not really sure.  Thanks to the site I was using to help me make the food I learned about avocado’s (well about them as baby food, I grew up eating them lol) and about the same time I intro’d them to her (6th.. odd that I remember that random fact when I’m not entirely sure what came first) I decided we were starting with them next time.

If you’re wondering why, here’s a good explanation of how avocados are a good first food for babies. -> Wholesome Baby Food on Avocado’s.

Eventually I was past the baby food making stage with her and I missed it… Was really looking forward to breaking out all the stuff, pureeing and freezing foods for Zavier. At 6 months though lol… As I’ve mentioned before, foot put down this time. Still I was excited about solids long before he was even born.

And then I saw a comment on the April due date on CM… Someone mentioned how they were doing Baby Led Solids. I was intrigued. What exactly does that mean? So I looked it up… and my dreams about pureeing and freezing all that food went down the drain lol. Yes I’m being a little (lol) overly dramatic there, but still… As soon as I read about the method I knew that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.

What does it mean? Just like it sounds… We aren’t going to be spoon feeding Zavier, he’ll learn to feed himself from the start.

Now after seeing several more sites, doing more research, I can tell you there are going to be a few variations for us.

Food allergies are an issue. I pray he doesn’t have any, but (unlike last time) our pedi is already stressing waiting a full week between each new food and being very careful about watching for allergies with him. I don’t know if its because of Kalila reacting to so much at first, or her having the peanut issue now (plus Baba & I have ones of our own that she knows about now), or because he’s showing skin reactions (can be linked) – either way she’s mentioned it this time and I completely agree with her.  Some people who do BLS actually give the baby a variety of foods to choose from… obviously that is out for us. One new food at a time. Yes I’m gonna be just as strict about that as I was w/ Kalila (or more so).

I’m still starting him at 6 months… some wait until a little later with this… So his foods are going to be a bit more mashed up a bit at first I think. Will depend food to food and I’m still looking into how I’m gonna prepare each one. I may still puree some things, will be messy when he has those.. but that’s ok!  And it’ll give me my pureeing fix lol. Now if he shows no interest in actually eating the foods I’m not going to push it either…. they really aren’t necessary before a year.  I doubt that will happen though. He’s already trying to steal food lol. I’m already picturing him shoving that avocado in his face 🙂

Added to all that, some of the intro age recommendations have changed from when Kalila was this age to now. They’re not having parents wait as long for some foods as they did. We still are on most of those because of family history… Meat is gonna get moved up though and I’m excited about that one.

Completely distracted making dinner here (got a Bamya recipe off CM that I’ve been itching to try for the longest time and finally doing it… found another link for the same exact recipe earlier that I can link here -> Bamya.) Smells so good… But yeah been taking up my time tonight lol.

Here are a few links on Baby Led Solids (or Baby Led Weaning as some of them call it, I tend to think of breastfeeding when I hear that one though lol).

Baby Led Weaning – Wholesome Baby Foods

Tribal Baby

Baby Led Solids Blog

Kelly Mom

Baby Led

Baby Led Weaning and Allergies

I Want My Mum

I’ll end there, but could prob go on. I’m really linking these as much for myself as anything else.. I want to go back over all this in the next few weeks 🙂


4 thoughts on “Baby Led Solids?

  1. Marni says:

    I’ve never heard of this. I’m going to check these out this weekend. I let Robert feed himself a lot more, but still do a lot too. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      No prob! I started letting Kalila feed herself more when she was… I want to say 6 or 7 months too.. but I knew nothing about this. And I was bad about trying to get her to eat more even then lol. I’m gonna try not to do that w/ him. Is one of the reasons I like the idea of it.

  2. Deborah says:

    I’m finally reading blogs again, just a little today, and somehow made my way back to this post. I’m thinking about food introduction schedules for Alexa but haven’t really found much online other than “rice cereal or banana, then the other, and then avacados.” Is there a resource you’d recommend for developing a good solid schedule, or do you think it really is just the first few that are important and the others can go in any order, with a few exceptions (honey, chocolate, etc)? We have no history of allergies so we’re thinking three days between new foods. Thanks!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Aww is good to hear from you again :-). I have your page up to comment on your last post but keep getting distracted. Need to do that lol. Glad things are going well! I would recommend – we used that with Kalila and it is very open to whichever method you want to start.. whether its purees or babyled, cereal or banana/avocado. Obviously I highly recommend starting w/ avocado ;-D (and so do they actually). They even have recommendations for if you start early (4 months), they discourage it… but since some dr’s will still use that age and some parents do it (like we did last time) they have it up just in case. I know some people just worry about the first few… We’ve tried to stick to what’s in the recommended per ages sections. Different sources sometimes have a few differences, but this one has worked for us. We have gotten off of it a bit (seaweed is not on there at all lol and Kalila snuck him cauliflower the other day and its not until over 8 months at some point) but still using it as a guide. 3 days between with no family history is pretty good. Is what we did last time. Of course we did have family history but we didn’t realize how much (didn’t take into account extended family or that despite ours being rare and minor they do count). Have fun with all that! So exciting to start thinking about lol.

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