♥Not Gonna Smile

Kalila is starting to spend more time outside now (finally!!!). The first few of these (and there are lots more lol) are of when she thought she wasn’t being watched. Of course Mama was in here watching her out the window the whole time (folding laundry and snapping tons of pics).  After awhile she headed back towards the stairs and I couldn’t see her so I went in the kitchen and got the rest. I love the ones of her throwing the ball. As you can see she favours her left hand with that… I need to get cooking dinner now and have one more pic post I want to put up so I need to hurry.


2 thoughts on “♥Not Gonna Smile

  1. Marni says:

    Yay for outdoors time! I am not an outdoors person and neither is my son, but my daughter will get her shoes and go out back all of the time. I love that.

    PS. Yay! I remembered your passwords, well, the one I needed, the other slipped my mind, but I was already logged in. Yee! 🙂

    • Mama Kalila says:

      I used to love being outside, esp in the heat… but humidity here gets me. We didn’t have a yard before and I think Kalila’s adjusting to getting to go out more.. is finally clicking that she can because I didn’t want too much when it was hotter.

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