This is gonna be quick (hopefully). I need to get dinner on, but between Kalila needing time out and Zavier getting hungry it hasn’t happened yet. And I have a couple pics I want to share lol.

How cute are these?

And this… I love love love this picture!

And look who’s been getting outside…

Despite time outs (which thankfully we haven’t had many) today’s been pretty good.  Kalila’s starting to enjoy playing outside more finally. Zavier had a blast playing peek a boo. I tried to get video but batteries died. Charging now so hopefully I can fix that lol. I’m really starting to notice more set nap times with him… and when he is off a bit from them he gets a little cranky. Is kinda cute… but I feel bad for him when it happens. Thankfully isn’t often. And he’s out… so I’m off!

Oh and if you hadn’t noticed, I did post more pics below in a protected post.


One thought on “Cuteness

  1. Marni says:

    Such cute little stinkers!!

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