I got Kalila’s new backup seat last night… ordered it that is. I got it off of Amazon so I could use the cards I’ve been getting from Swagbucks and the survey sites. It should be here by Tuesday thanks to having free 2 day shipping.

I chose the Evenflo Maestro for several reasons. One of which being it was a decent price (more so before it went back up). Beyond that… Its on the best bets section of the IIHS list for boosters. No she’s not using the booster part of it anytime soon, but was still something to consider. I didn’t want to get another seat that is gonna turn into a crappy booster (I like her AOE ok but even if it didn’t expire before she’s ready for using it as a booster, which it will, it has horrible reviews as one). And it was recommended by several people in the CM carseat safety group.

I’m not crazy about it only harnessing to 50lbs, but besides her being tiny weight wise, they reassured me that the seats that harness to 65 lbs have the same harness height (or lower) and cost more… so she’d grow out of it at the same point either way. And while I can dream all I want of the Frontier85 lol (taller and harnesses to 85 lbs) I seriously doubt I could save up just shy of $300 or so in giftcards in as short a time as I had. And if I did… LOL that would not be a backup seat it would be going in our truck lol.

Comepletely random and unrelated: I went to put Zavier down (finally asleep!) and get Kalila a snack and found our kitchen door wide open. Mumble outside in the garage… I went to go get her, picked her up and she meowed at me. I meowed back. And then a bird squawked at us in a rather meow-like manner. LOL

Anyways, getting back to what I was intending to write… I got the order placed last night. Was very excited about it… still am, but I woke up to find that there’s been a recall on that exact brand. Now thankfully its older models (last made in April)… So I doubt I’d get one affected. Have the link to the numbers affected saved -> Here’s the link in case you need it <- and will check as soon as it gets here. A bit aggravating… and I feel sorry for some of the people online who actually have the recalled seats. Apparently they’re having to wait a week (with no seat unless they have a backup) to get a part in and fix themselves. ?? Lovely.

I’ll take pics when it gets here. I hope Kalila likes it… Poor thing wanted pink lol. I got the one with pink trim, hope that’ll be enough.


3 thoughts on “Evenflo…..

  1. christy says:

    I was just reading this article this morning and then I clicked over here…


    I am not sure if that is the seat you bought, but you might want to check into it.

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