Here Already

Last night before I got to bed I got an email saying the seat would be here today… This morning I got another saying it was sitting at a post office undeliverable. I was sent to a link with 5 pages of locations that it could be at. Not happy. I called the first on the list and was told they’d call me back, but couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t gotten a pink slip left (makes no sense w/ the timing and I explained that but the guy didn’t seem to get it). Never got the call back, but Fedex did come bring it about 30 min or so later lol.

So we got the seat.

Kalila is so excited. Apparently the pink trim is good enough, and she keeps talking about it lol.

Great news is that the seat is not part of the recall. The dates affected were Nov 09? (not sure about the year) to April 10.  Her seat was made last month right around her Bday lol. It doesn’t expire until Sept 2016, a little longer than I expected (not by much). I hope it holds up that long lol.  Back to the whole recall thing, obviously very glad its not part of that… but I’m also not going to worry about if it may be part of a future one. Any seat (thing) can & that’s just asking to be driven crazy lol. I’m looking at it this way… I got a perfect seat. If I hear about a recall later I’ll deal with it then (and be ticked off because my seat was supposed to be perfect 😉 lol).

Beyond that… I think I really like this one. We’ll see after instillation and how it goes using it.  But the material is nice. I know that’s not a big deal, but it was nicer than I expected.  And I can completely see what they meant about the height.

Basically (for those of you w/out little kids lol) the straps come through these little holes in the carseat… When a child is rear facing (which Zavier is, Kalila is not) they have to come through a hole that is at or below their shoulders.  When the child is forward facing (like Kalila is now unfortunately) they have to come through one that is at or above their shoulders. That means when Kalila (for example) grows so much that the top set of holes are below her shoulders she won’t be able to use the seat safely anymore.  As a harnessed seat anyway… this one will turn into a booster at that point, but that requires her to be ready for a booster and if the seat was outgrown too early…. You can see the issue there.  (Note there is more too it than that, but I’m just focusing on that at the moment cause its what I can see).

Anyways, this seat is not going to be outgrown any time soon.   I did have to move her to the second set… but the top is a long ways off.  She’d need to have 2 or 3 big growth spurts to get there… I’m guessing she’s gonna be good in this seat for a long time.

Yes I got pictures. Excuse the hair and the big box behind her.  It came early enough she was still in night clothes and would barely wait for me to dress her let alone anything else lol.. and of course the box was just unpacked.

Now random question: Does the chest clip look armpit level to you? I had a hard time adjusting it… My only “complaint” and I’m figuring (hoping) that will ease up with use.


2 thoughts on “Here Already

  1. deltaflute says:

    she looks good in it. the clip looks fine

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