We Don’t Eat Legs!

‎:-| Kalila just came up and said something about how people might try to take Zavier. I asked her where she heard that and she said “Well… People took my other necklace” and started talking about Jas going to look for her rosary that night.

LOL – Kalila just told me the book she’s about to read me is called “Princess Kalila and Prince Khalil” I think someone has a crush…

Yup… Zavier is my son, he’s reaching for the sushi lol

I’m starting to see a pattern here… this seems to be Zavier’s fav part of the day.

Apparently Zavier thinks he’s gonna sweep lol. Kalila laid the broom on the floor and he got ahold of it and is moving it around (laying down of course).

Wow… both kids are asleep! How did that happen?

Kalila spills water. I ask her to clean it up. She doesn’t. I ask her again and tell her Baba’s coming home and we don’t want him to slip on it… And all the sudden its very important and she does it right away. :-/ It worked though right?

Kalila just flossed her teeth.. .that has got to be one of the cutest things I’ve seen her do. She thinks she’s so grown up lol.

toys that make noise should be banned… Seriously Kalila just picked the worst toy she has to play with.

Poor cat. There was one relaxing on our swing outside and I just saw Kalila sneak out there and chase it down.

this poor little guy is tired and won’t go down….

LOL Just asked Kalila if she wants a turkey leg for dinner and she told me “No! We don’t eat legs!” and gave me a look like I’d lost my mind…

‎:-D Got an email saying the seat will be here tomorrow! And Zavier has scooted himself into a basket lol.

I see why Zavier was having trouble sleeping yesterday… those little teeth are finally poking through more.

Our next car better have latch. I hate wrestling w/ carseats and seatbelts. It just took me about 30 min to get Kalila’s seat in there correctly.

Just got home from going to Jas’ game with him… had fun. Kalila was a bit nuts towards the end, but she did pretty good lol. Zavier was all over the place too. So cute!

Zavier has settled on an inch worm crawl for now and is taking off everywhere… isn’t just a few steps anymore its all over the place lol. At the moment I’m fighting him over staying away from his sleeping sisters hair and the cats tail (and both are on polor opposite sides of the bed). Ok cat moved… now if I can just keep him from waking Kalila up.

Today should be fun… Gonna go eat at Mama Lee’s, then pick up the pics of Zavier (when he’s a week old lol, yes we’re behind) and have some nursing pics taken.. and then friends over tonight.

Ok pics being put off until later lol… but we did go to Mama Lee’s and friends are coming over 🙂

Apparently (according to Kalila) hitting the ball with a golf club is calling “zoring the ball” and you have to say “Zore!!!” when you do it.

LOL I told Kalila she has to help me clean and she told me she doesn’t wanna clean this mess. Sorry not gonna work lol, “this mess” is her toys.

Followed by she can’t clean till she finds her tiara and now she’s walking around saying “I do declare” ….



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