Last Couple Nights & A Big Girl

I had a rough couple nights lol.

Two nights ago Zavier woke up from what we’re assuming was a bad dream. He was sobbing so hard he was shaking. Thankfully he came out of it pretty quickly (10 min?). I felt so bad for him though.  Thankfully I hadn’t fallen asleep yet… Allergies had me coughing and I’d gotten up for a drink and was coming back in when it happened.

Last night.. I was so tired from the night before (had trouble sleeping after that) and everything that I hurried what I needed to do before bed and crashed. As soon as I moved Zavier to his spot I realized I had not changed his diaper. Obviously couldn’t leave him in it… so I had Jas grab a towel and thought I’d let him “air out” over night. I knew we’d have a wet bed but washing sheets today anyway…  He did pretty good.. until 7 this morning. He woke up hungry. So I vaguely remember latching him on and then I heard a rumble… and went diving for the towel to make sure it was under his bum. Yeah…  thankfully it was only on the towel lol.  Don’t recommend diaperless at night lol.  I had trouble getting back to sleep after that, tried and ended up waking very groggy and out of it… have felt that way most of the day now.

Kalila though… This little girl is making me proud left and right the past few days.  The day before yesterday she came up and very sweetly asked me for a sandwich around her snack time.  This is big cause normally its her yelling “I’m hungry” or “Give me….” usually fruit, sometimes junk (literally lol).  Then today… I was trying to get something done while Zavier was sleeping and he woke fussy for a few minutes and back down before I got to him… Yeah she’d made it first and covered him with a blanket! I did have to move it down a little (close to his face on one side), but still.. Very sweet. And she’s stayed at the table at lunch and dinner today. That’s another big fight around here, and both went smoothly today. There was an incident outside, but overall she’s doing great.


4 thoughts on “Last Couple Nights & A Big Girl

  1. Salma says:

    You are one busy mommy. I wouldn’t have even thought of just leaving baby with towel..I think it was actually practical to do that, minus the morning bit.

    Zavier is lucky to have such a sweet thoguhtful big sis. I always think, a girl first is probably best, but I am biased anyway.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Honestly it was just sheer exhaustion lol. I don’t know that I wouldn’t do it again… I have been putting him in a prefold alone a lot at night lately. Things still get wet but no risk of poo everywhere. I think I was really lucky that didn’t happen.

  2. Marni says:

    😦 Sorry about your rough night.

    Glad Kalila is doing great though!

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