Sorry. I know I haven’t posted lately… I’ve wanted too, but haven’t felt like it and/or had time really.

Sick. We all got sick this week.  Baba actually stayed home on Weds when it started.  He was miserable, I was miserable… We mostly just felt like crap  – headache, dizzy, tired, etc… I had a little bit of congestion but not much. I took some Hylands last night and its gone now.  Zavier on the other hand… Happy as can be but you can hear him breathing (still). Stuffy… Poor thing.  Yesterday hit him the worst, he was cranky and wanted to be held/sleep a lot. I spent a lot of time cuddling him. Kalila started to get it, but was acting normal. She got Hylands too and started complaining about getting a cold… I think to take more since its sweet lol. Silly goose doesn’t realize she’s not getting more that way.

Most of us were feeling better last night. Obviously Zavier is still stuffy… but better.  I got dishes washed and started the diapers before Baba got home from work and we headed out to the store.  Needed groceries.  Thankfully it was really nice out and everything.

Feel a ton better today. Actually got up a bit early and got started on what I need to do today.  As soon as I can get Zavier down I need to get into the kitchen to prep for tonight. Very excited about dinner.

This is my week in one of my groups on CM.  Basically we’re all taking a week to make something new.  The first lady who had it did Lebanese Cheese Rolls, The second did Gluten Free Kibbe (no link as she made the recipe, if she ever puts it anywhere besides CM I’ll link it), and the third (rats another unlinkable one) put up one for Umm Ali.  I’m forth lol… So I’m going to try a new tabouli recipe. I found one on one of the sites linked to the post for a version with tuna.

I’m always looking for new tuna recipes.  We love it here… and Baba has this thing for Tuna Helper. Kalila loves it too… Ok, so I don’t mind it so much either but I know its not all that great for you… Which has me looking for other ways to fix it since he doesn’t like regular tuna sandwiches.

So.. Tabbouleh With Tuna. We have to make a few adjustments though. Baba is allergic to cucumbers, so those are out. And he’s disturbed by it not having tomato in there so that’s gonna be added in lol.  I’m not sure if I’m gonna make the Arabic Bread or not, we have some frozen so I might not… Haven’t in awhile though so I might have fun with that… and I know Baba’d be happy. We’ll see how things are going today.

On another note, I won a Doopsy insert last week and it came in yesterday. Very excited about it and can’t wait to try it out in Zavier’s diaper tonight!


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