Tuna Tabouli Take 2


If you didn’t see my last post where I started this, I started to make the recipe and realized there was way too much bulgar. 1/4 cup each of parsley and mint was not near enough. I called Baba in the room and he agreed. So I added more of both. It was still a lot more bulgar than we’re used too in tabouli, but not as bad as before.

I pretty much followed the rest of the recipe from there. Left out the cucumbers of course, and added a tomato for Baba.  Cringed as I added the carrot. The radish was just as odd, but for some reason (maybe because I like them) it just didn’t hit me the same as the carrot. Just didn’t sound right!  Thankfully I couldn’t taste it in there…

Anyways.. verdict… It wasn’t bad. Baba said interesting lol. He ate it though.. and seconds. Kalila and I ate it.. and all day today. One thing I’ll give it, they were right about it being better left over. We couldn’t stop eating today.  Kalila said she really liked it.

I think I agree w/ Baba though.. .next time we’re gonna try just adding tuna to our regular recipe for it lol.

Oh.. and everything’s ok here now lol. Zavier fell asleep w/out a diaper again, but other than that 😉


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