Pizza? Really?

I look away for a second and Kalila gives her brother pizza!

We’re all still feeling kinda bad today so Baba got pizza and put on football… Zavier crawled over and decided to share w/ his sister. I caught it pretty quickly but pretty sure he got some. Kalila says so. His smile said so. While I was getting some out of his hand he tried again, got a good chunk of sauce and mushroom in it that time… but it got taken away lol. Yes he’s very proud of himself.

No.. I’m not going to let him have more… Not anytime soon anyway lol.

On the subject though… a week until he can start solids for real! So excited.


4 thoughts on “Pizza? Really?

  1. Keith says:

    Pizza and football @ 6 months. Was the beer too warm? Kidding. 😉

  2. Marni says:

    Haha. Aren’t kids the greatest?

  3. kim says:

    same thing happened to us when my eldest dd was about 4 and i had my first son. he crawled over and shared some french fries. we always joke that his first food was mcdonalds fries. Of course at the time, I was very upset since I would never give that to him at 6months. But, looking back its funny.

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