Baba! Baba!

Kalila is “cheering” for Jas (yelling Baba over and over) because she needs to for him to come home…


Hopefully rescheduling the pictures, but had a pretty good day anyway. Had fun w/ friends and got a video (is on the blog post below lol) of Zavier crawling… or two lol.


Kalila is “reading” Green Eggs and Ham to Zavier!


Kalila is flipping out because she thinks she needs coffee.


LOL It backfired… Kalila liked the sip of coffee and is asking for more… Jas said something about needing to buy decaf (after he picked his jaw up off the ground) and now she’s yelling “No! Decaf is yuck!” – I think we’re in trouble…

Yeah Baba thought giving her a sip would make her not like it…


Ok I’m officially counting down the days now… Poor Zavier looked so sad at dinner time lol.


LOL Zavier is in a Baba mood today.. He’s been saying it over and over and over… You know Jas is thrilled lol. Even better he was here all day to hear it.


Yeah… not hanging diapers outside when there’s a skunk out there!

Yes random… but ewwww!


Kalila has taken off w/ the phone lol

Grandpa’s Bday… She wanted to sing to him, but got shy. Was all kinds of upset after lol.


Kalila is exploring radishes today lol. Can’t tell if she really likes them or not.


Love the new channel that came out… It has the old 60’s Batman… at 2 in the morning but that’s what DVR is for right? 😀 Kalila’s mad at me now for putting it on…


Why is it that when I lie him down buck naked in the middle of an emergency the kid who’s been refusing to nap for two hours falls sound asleep?


Zavier decided to take matters into his own hands (or hand)… He thought pizza would be a good first food :-/ I *think* I stopped him in time… but not entirely sure he didn’t get a bite.


LOL Kalila’s jumping up and down telling me that she’s gonna be a “cheese princess” for Halloween


Watching Kalila walk around in Jas’ boots lol. She says her toes want to be in them.


And that’s all for this week lol. Or last week… whatever. I’m gonna try to catch up on some review posts I want to do over the next few days… So those should be coming up. Beyond that.. I won’t say I won’t be around because that’s a sure way for me to end up having a million posts, but I think I’m gonna take a bit of a break if I can.


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