Another Look: Rumparooz

Its been awhile since we bought our Rumparooz… so I thought I’d take another look at it.

Honestly, and I don’t remember if I said this at the time or not, this one was picked because it was so cute. I loved the pattern… and I still do. It is hands down the cutest diaper we own.  But… I found out with covers (the Bummi issue) that cute does not always equal better… even with diapers.

I liked the Rumparooz alright when I first tried it.  It worked. No major leaks. I did have that one leak the first time and figured it was prob my own fault since the flap over the liner was up. I was right, that never happened again.

What did happen that had me liking this diaper less (for awhile) was that those inner gussets seemed to do nothing. Poo would come over them… Never really made it out of the diaper, but worried me a few times at how close it was.  On top of that the tabs are a little short and I’d end up fighting to get it the right way. And sometimes those gussets would trap stuff that would have me rewashing that particular diaper.

But that was months ago…

Lately I’ve found its back in first place… Not that there’s any major issues w/ Katydid (and I’ll post about them later).  Its just that all of that has pretty much worked itself out.

I’m having less trouble with the tabs, although I still think they could be longer or something.

The inner gussets now “work”. And work well…

I do still have to watch closely to see if they need another wash before putting out on the line… but I guess I’m used to that now lol.

I’m kinda wondering if he just needed to grow into it a little more.

So yeah… I love these diapers now. This diaper. I only have one lol.  I would like to have more if possible and would not count out buying another one or two of these if/when I can. Esp since they came out with new patterns lol.


2 thoughts on “Another Look: Rumparooz

  1. Marni says:

    I’ve filed away this name in my mind. I will be keeping it for when I need to purchase for my diapers. 🙂

    • Mama Kalila says:

      🙂 It really is a good one. Unfortunately they cost a little more. But… I can kinda see it now. it makes sense. They have hemp inserts available too, but I didn’t get one. I wish I had lol.

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