I really needed some good news lol.

Last night was horrid.  I’m not getting into it, but lets just say I didn’t get much sleep and ended up with all sorts of cricks and stuff from trying to sleep w/ two kids and a cat on the chair.  Very tired today, but feel like doing stuff so I guess that’s good right?

I started two of my review posts while I had a chance… but can’t get pics to load on here (freezes up) so that’s gonna wait a bit.

But.. My pump came in!!! I’m so excited. For one thing I think our date night is coming up next paycheck (I’ve pretty much lost sense of time lately so I’m not a hundred percent on that lol) and this obviously will make that easier.  But beyond that I really do want to donate and now I can get to work on that.

I stopped to pull it out when it got here and Kalila cracked me up with all her little comments too.  She recognized the instructions… and told me (in a very serious voice) that they say not to waste milk. And later she told me that she has to pump too lol.  I love it.

On an unrelated note… She told me when she says she doesn’t like/love us it means she does.  I had a feeling she was just testing us with that (is normal even if it stinks) but was kinda nice to hear her say that.. She’s getting so big!

Oh.. and in case your wondering, I got the First Years Comfort Express Single Electric one. It came with a Breast Flow bottle which made me smile because I’d thought about buying those for sitters before settling on Tomee Tippee. I guess now I can compare.  Also had some disposable nursing pads with lanisnoh on them.  Nice… I need to see if I can pass those on to anyone though because I know I won’t use them.


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