Another Look: Katydid

I’ll start off by saying that I am still in love with these diapers lol.  They are a great price. Very cute, even if I wish there were more colours and some patterns available. And they work well, which is of course the most important part.

But they have slipped to my #2 spot lately.  In some ways I still prefer them… but…

Zavier is a heavy wetter.

This isn’t an issue during the day. We still normally do prefolds, but I have used these a few times during the day and they work great. I can put him in one w/ one insert and still have no leaks…

But we bought them as a nighttime diaper. That just doesn’t work as well for us. If I use both inserts (and I usually do) he may wake up dry… but usually its soaked through and you can see some wicking around the legs.  I stripped the diapers last week (two ago?) to see if that’d help ,but I haven’t really noticed a difference.  What happens if only one insert is used at night? LOL You don’t want to know. I think its only happened once.. .maybe twice. But its bad lol.

So in my experience – daytime = great, nighttime = not so much…

But… that is with normal microfiber inserts.  And like I said, Zavier is a heavy wetter.  I’m not really laying this one on the diaper itself. Which is why I still really like it.

And sorry I did not get a new picture, but because I want to include one anyway… and because I love this picture, here ya go…

is from a few months ago btw. I’m pretty sure its already on here. Somewhere or another lol.

Oh and between writing this and posting, I used one of these at night again (the one in the pic no less) and he woke up dry. Maybe because I used two big inserts instead of the big one w/ a newborn sized like they come?  Will have to try that again and see if it works again lol.


2 thoughts on “Another Look: Katydid

  1. Marni says:

    I know that it doesn’t change you’re review on the diaper, but go to Walmart and buy a bunch of microfiber washcloths and either cut or just stuff those in too… Ive heard they are better than some of the inserts.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      I need to find the ones we have, I actually did that awhile back when we were using BG’s w/ Kalila… I really didn’t notice a difference. Don’t get me wrong, they work and are cheaper… but its still microfiber and doesn’t work the best when a baby wets this much.

      On the topic of the review in general.. Did I do ok showing that I do really like this diaper? I really didn’t want it to be a bad review… it shouldn’t be one. I think they work well just not the best for nights as is.

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