Doopsy Insert


I won a Doopsy insert awhile back.. I honestly don’t remember when. It came in last week sometime.  Have I mentioned that my brain is gone lately. Checked out.  Days blurred…

I was/am really excited about this insert for several reasons.  One really big one… Remember me mentioning Mr. Heavy Wetter here? Well I’ve been looking at inserts for awhile now because of it. I’ve debated buying hemp ones, or bamboo. This brand or that… Hadn’t done it.  Beyond that there’s just the excitement of winning something, getting mail that’s not junk (or worse bills), and having something to write about again lol.

I took this picture right after it came in. Yeah boring picture, just an insert lol. But I was EXCITED.

Now back to Mr. Heavy Wetter… These inserts are made from 4 layers of bamboo double loop terry and one layer of PUL.  Its made to where it folds in on itself (or pulls out to wash rather) and leaves a kind of pocket. The newer versions are shown on the site with hemp inserts tucked inside.  I wish lol. But it did get me thinking about tucking one of our microfiber ones in there.

The first time I used it though… I wanted to really test it out.  I used it in a Katydid… and without any other insert. Think back to my last post… You know what I was expecting lol.  Nope! Woke up completely dry. I fell in love…

Next night (wash day, I made sure I had this thing washed and dried in time lol) I used it in the Rumparoo with a microfiber added. He woke up dry again.  I really didn’t notice a difference using our “old” insert along with it.  Not really seeing a point since it works so well on its own.

I need to get a picture of Zavier in a diaper with it by itself… so much slimmer than what I’m used to seeing on him lol.

And this is why I was frantically trying to get that banner on here the other day… The new diaper would be great, but I really really want another one of these lol.  I wonder how much of “have you lost your mind” look Baba would give me if I asked for one for Christmas….


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