My Week…

Yes I know I’ve gone a bit crazy with review posts. It’d been awhile… needed my fix. J/k (kinda).  No really it almost seemed like a break and was nice.  Esp with the week we’ve had. Not bad.. just has dragged on and a lot going on.

A lot of it has been normal everyday stuff. Cleaning, cooking, kids.  Not cooking kids (mmmm goat), cooking and kids. Ok so apparently my brain is still a bit fuzzed lol.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it anywhere but we still have a few boxes left to unpack. Its like we lost steam and can’t manage to finish them off.  One of them I was actually dreading because it had our cast iron in there. Our cast iron that was badly badly rusted (looong story).  I finally made myself do it a few days ago… I still have a few things in the box (it was a rather large one) but the cast iron is out and CLEAN! It was a lot easier than I thought.  Swagbucks search was my friend. Salt and oil scrub…  They’ve also been retreated and put away ready to go. Very excited about that because I love cooking with cast iron.  Which apparently my brain keeps wanting to call ions because its what I’ve typed every time I’ve tried to type the word here lol.I was hoping I’d be completely done by the time I wrote this, but at least I’ve made a good start.  Not disappointed at all… Starting to feel like I will get them done again.

Its starting to get cold here.  Poor Zavier trying to move on the floor with his footed sleeper is a pretty funny thing to watch. I need to get a video.  Kalila’s started picking out pants, shirts and jackets lately. Well a few times its been shorts and jackets lol, but still.  Yes… She is dressing herself now. Still asks for help most times, but picks it out and all that fun stuff.  I about died this morning when I went to turn the AC off and realized not only was it off but had been all night.  I don’t like cold.  Need to talk to Baba about moving around the equator somewhere.  So not kidding…  And I think I need to go through the kids clothes (at least) and put up summery ones now. I could be wrong… You never really know lol. Kalila’s closet (or side of the closet) could use the help though. I may just leave out a few short sleeve/shorts things just in case and put up the rest.  Zavier just needs outgrown things put up…

While cleaning I pulled Kalila’s mattress out into the living room (on the floor). It worked really well for her nap yesterday. Not going to assume it’ll continue “working” but I’m gonna use it as long as it’ll last lol. Has also made for some Zavier fun. He tries to crawl up on it… He climbs down from it if he’s already on there. Yeah… another video planned there.  He loves watching Kalila jump on it :-/  Not encouraging that one, but his laugh is cute. Earlier Kalila left her water glass (plastic of course) on the floor and he climbed down to get at it.. spilled water all over. Managed not to get wet though!  Thankfully that was an easy mess to clean lol.

On a similar note, he’s trying (and mostly failing) to pull up too. A few days ago I had the remote in my hand raised to keep it away from him while I changed the channel. He went from laying in my lap to standing against the back of the chair. I’m not really sure how, it surprised me when he did it. Hasn’t managed it again though lol.  Soon enough though.  Chasing a rolling, scooting, half way crawling baby is crazy enough…

Kalila… has decided to take responsibility for the pets.  She gets the food for the cats now. Happily and with out asking. She doesn’t get the water but she does turn on the faucet for them lol.  She also puts her “puppy alive” thing out in the yard every day lol.  Goofy kid. I love it though. She’s also working on her letters still. and taken a liking to a toy gun of Baba’s – some Star Wars thing that I’m sure he’ll correct me about lol.

We finally made it to WM last night to get Halloween stuff.  I was getting a bit anxious about how I was gonna do the costumes but apparently Baba had it all planned out. Makes sense and I’m looking forward to getting to work on it in a bit 🙂 Need to find my glue gun first though….

And of course candy is part of that… the Halloween shopping, not the costumes.  Here’s where I raise my hand and call myself a hypocrite.  I felt bad picking the candy, buying the candy… will feel bad handing it out and eating it too.  We bought big bags of it. Lots of chocolate.  I love chocolate…. but a good amount of it is Nestle. And what’s not Nestle still falls under bigger issues (not that violating WHO codes and all that isn’t big).  Throw in the whole healthy and green things and I feel about \\ big.  Those of you good about this don’t hurt me here, I have no support w/ this one.  nd a chocolate addiction lol.  If anyone knows of a good organic, fair trade, slave free chocolate bar that costs the same (or less) as main brands and preferably has a crunch bar I can convince Baba is better than Nestle Crunch I would be eternally grateful. Not giving my husband a hard time here btw… He’s really nice about getting me the Endangered Species brand for special occasions.

Oh my, me and NAK is not working today, you don’t even want to know how I spelled those last two words up there lol. Was gonna add something about Jas being good at putting up w/ me being a “hippy” or “hippyish”too but the word I want isn’t coming to mind and putting up doesn’t right work.  Work right. Maybe its not the Nak.

Had a bit of a rough start this morning. Pedi’s office called Baba. Said our appointment is tomorrow. It’s not. Also said we owed x amount of money. We don’t. I ended up calling the insurance and they filed it wrong. Were saying that Kalila was over her limit despite it being over a year since her last visit. Was obviously wrong, easy for them to see… so its getting refiled. Huge relief. And they were really nice about it all too. The only bad thing is now that she’s 3 apparently Kalila only gets one visit a year covered and that was it. So she’s not allowed to get sick…

What else was there?

Baba got pumpkins for us to decorate. Kalila is excited.

I got Zavier a new diaper on  Amazon… was $12 so a really good price.  Not to mention I got to use my cards from SB again lol. Very cute soccer print. Bamboo. He’s wearing it now for his nap that he’s fighting. I’m gonna hold off reviewing it for a bit.

The colds! Mostly gone. Yesterday Kalila still had a bit of a frog in her throat… Seems to be gone today.  Zavier is still congested a bit. He is drying up though. And he’s happy as can be.

Sorry long post. I still feel like I’m forgetting something I was gonna say, but oh well. I need to get him down and finish laundry (fun fun lol).



7 thoughts on “My Week…

  1. deltaflute says:

    Won’t hurt you about the Nestle thing. I honestly thought nestle dealt mostly in baby foods and chocolate. I had no idea how big they’re empire was until yesterday when I came across a blog that said it was Boycott Nestle week. Apparently Nestle makes my cat food. My cat food!!?? It’s taken us this long to find a relatively inexpensive brand that my cats wouldn’t turn their nose up to. They also make Stoffers (my go to for frozen lasagna on sick days like this week) and they make my frozen pop sickles (those fruit pop things) for my very sore throat. I ended up buying Minute Maid which I know, I know is made by Coca Cola. Anyway…this will make for an interesting upcoming post. So I’ll save the discourse for later.

    As far as chocolate, I think Hershey’s is about as inexpensive as you’re going to get, but I don’t think their fair trade. You can melt chocolate and mix in crisped rice. It’s the same as a nestle crunch. Hope it helps.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      I knew they were big… but I learned the same thing yesterday. Our cat food too. Not happy. But my dear hubby doesn’t do boycots which means I really can’t either lol. Hersheys is not fair trade, so still supporting slavery. No win situation here I’m afraid. I guess its better than one that supports slavery and does the whole WHO codes thing though.

      Diaper brand is Bububibi lol.

  2. deltaflute says:

    Oh, forgot to ask. What’s the diaper brand? Just curious.

  3. Keith says:

    Surely the one annual visit only applies to well child checkups? I mean, if she’s sick, you can take her and just incur a copay, I would think. At least that’s how it should be, imo.

    Glad everyone is nearly past the colds! We haven’t had any outbreaks in a while, so *fingers crossed* it stays that way a little while longer.

  4. Rae says:

    “Ok so apparently my brain is still a bit fuzzed lol.” Maybe, but I think you’re hilarious. I only ate goat once and nearly choked (literally, it was really tough!)

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