Happy Halloween!

Its been a big big day here lol.

The plan was to introduce Zavier to solids at the luncheon today, but the avocado wasn’t ripe.  Got an amusing video while Jas was cutting it though… but not posting it now lol.

Granny and Nana came by for awhile.  Cats got out while the dogs were in the house and Kimosimi and the dogs went around… Lots of doggy screaming lol. Yeah, he’s bigger than one of them and about the same size as the other!

Trick or Treating… Had a blast. Kalila wasn’t thrilled about having her pic taken, but I got a couple.  She was a Greek princess (although we got Roman quite a bit and that works too!), very obvious that it was my first costume lol… but it worked. Kalila loved it, which is the most important part. And surprisingly we got a lot of compliments on it.  Zavier was a little Ceazar. We didn’t get the wreath, but his toga worked 🙂  I just wore my sari.

Wasn’t our first Halloween nini. We went to Tia Sallie and Uncle Bud’s last night. Kalila wore a bee costume w/ a tiara (Queen Bee lol) and Zavier wore camo. I wore my kangas and Baba did an Indiana Pones thing.  No pic yet, one of our friends is supposed to FB it.  Was a fun night though… Oh I did get pics of the kids inside at one point… They have a walker there and Zavier went crazy so I took pics.

And yes Zavier did finally get his avocado! A little later than we planned, but he got it. I tried to get a video but the memory ran out before he got it to  his mouth lol.  He played around with it quite a bit at first. Finally I put a little on my finger and held it out (not to his mouth just up) and he grabbed my finger and shoved it in.  We did that a couple times and then he played some more… I got out the mesh feeder and let him try that… he did a lot better. A lot of playing again but finally decided he liked it and he ate it all/made a royal mess of himself. It was absolutely adorable.

Yup, he was giving thumbs up at the end lol.

His 6 month appointment is tomorrow… Very much looking forward to that!


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Marni says:

    Great pics! I can’t believe how big he is getting! Happy Halloween!

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