6 Months!

We had Zavier’s appointment today…  but first have to share a pic or two from Saturday when he officially turned 6 months.

I love that smile.

So the appointment. As always it went very well.  He’s 18 and half lbs. 28 inches long.  Has come down a bit on the charts, but still ahead and even Dr M was laughing that there’s nothing to worry about there. I even mentioned him being 18 lbs a month ago and she still said that.  Makes me happy because I’m not either and is nice when we’re on the same page lol.  The kids moving… its gonna slow down.

We talked about foods. I printed out the wholesome babyfoods charts for her and the page on avocado’s just in case.  For nothing, she’s not worried. She asked if we’d started and when I mentioned we did yesterday for the first time she asked what. When I said avocado she said it was different but was completely ok with that and the skipping cereal thing.  Said she’s not as worried about foods as infections.  She did bring up carrots, cabbage & something else (I forget) for the whole homemade thing.. explained that they release something pureed that can hurt the blood. Nitrates and yes I remember that lol… I brought up the site having info on it and how to do them w/out it being a problem.  Is pretty much beside the point since its only an issue if baby is below 3 months.  But honestly I forgot that… The info has changed even since Kalila and apparently she still has the old recommendations. I have them quite a bit later on our intro chart though so I let her know that, made her happy.

Development – he’s ahead on stuff still. We knew that. Little Mr Determined to move. She laughed and said he’s taking after his sister.  He’s actually doing some of it earlier than she did, but still.

General checkup stuff looked good. He’s a bit stuffy still. Poor thing is a lot. Chest was clear though. She checked his eyes… Said that one eye looks lazy, but its not. I knew exactly what she was talking about because sometimes it looks like he’s crosseyed… but apparently its just the shape of his eyes. He has a crease that makes it look like that sometimes.  We talked about his rashes too.  I got the go ahead to use the hydrocortizone pretty much anywhere on him (besides the face).  While we were talking about that she mentioned because of his rashes we might ought to wait a week or so between new foods. I brought up me being paranoid about that (and planning to) anyway and she said she understands because of the whole family history thing. Answered my question about her bringing up the week thing last visit though. I wasn’t completely sure which reason she was thinking… but it was as much the rashes as history. Everything else is perfect…

Shots…  I wasn’t sure what exactly would happen this time becuase he missed his PC shot last shot visit. Not forgotten, she wanted us to read up on the new one and make a decision. Apparently we could have come in before this visit for it, but miscommunication (oops), I thought he’d have it today… We looked at the charts and decided its scheduled for his 7 month shot only visit so we’ll just keep it there. He got DTap again along w/ Rotovirus.  She said he’d prob get a fever again since he got it after the last DTap (could have been the HIB, but more likely was that one).  So far he hasn’t though… so crossing fingers. And since he’s having the other next visit if it was that one we’ll know for sure. Not why we put the schedule back the way it is, but works out well lol.

Him actually getting it was kinda funny. The nurse gave him the Rotovirus first. He does really good w/ that, doesn’t spit it out at all. He tried to move his leg a bit when she went to give him the shot, but when she did… He whined a second. Made a face at me… and then said “Ba!”  That was it.  He nursed for a whole half a second afterward…

Fell asleep in the truck and slept a good while after we got home. Just woke up in the middle of me writing this. Got him fed, changed and is now happily playing on the floor by Baba.  I need to figure out what to do for lunch now… fun fun.


4 thoughts on “6 Months!

  1. Can’t believe he’s already 6 months old! He looks so much like Kalila. I’m sure she just loves her baby brother to pieces. Hugs!

  2. kim says:

    I also think he looks like more like his sister with every month, except lighter complexion etc… sounds like a good dr visit

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