Falling In Love All Over Again…

With my kanga’s that is.  Very much love my family of course, but talking about the kangas here lol.

I brought back quite a few of them each year I went to TZ. I wore them a lot at first. Used them for random things. But I hadn’t in quite awhile. I actually started to put them up… in one of our tubs that I’m packing to put away. Figured they were taking up space in the closet that I really needed (prob should go in drawer anyway, but same issue there) so I put them in the tub.

I’d thought, before kids, that they’d get pulled out to wear my babies… but Kalila came and first there was the ppd and I didn’t even think about wearing her… esp w/ that big stroller Jas liked using. Then I tried w/ the hotslings we were given and couldn’t get her in (she’d fight for dear life lol). I didn’t even think about the kangas. When I did… I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me.  I do have a cute pic of her with it the day I tried… I think I was still using that one for a couple things at that point. Got our sleepy wrap w/ Zavier and didn’t think about the kangas for that again… or at least not using ours for that.

Like I said, got them half way put up… and then Halloween came and I needed a costume for the party.  And I wanted something I could easily nurse in… and that was the first thing to come to mind. So I grabbed a bunch, started putting them on… and realized my sleepy wrap doesn’t really work with that… maybe I can try again? And I got it! I’m still a bit uncomfortable with my knot.  Kinda wish I’d bought a kitenge too. But I did it.

And it made a nice nursing cover too… Not that I like using a cover anymore now, but he seems to want it so that’s what we’re doing.  And when it got cold on the way home… blanket. And then… we ran out of towels. Not sure how, but we did… pull out another kanga (and start the washer of course).  And Sunday I took one of my favourite ones (given to us by the teachers at Mwenge Primary) to Church and used it as a nursing cover there… Much nicer than one of Kalila’s old (pink) blankets.

Yes.. My kangas are back lol. Now just to find space…..

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