A Little Late

find it kinda funny that just as soon as I posted that on the Hylands Zavier ended up needing some.

Love getting mail… esp when its something I’ve been wanting for awhile. Even better when it equals lots of funny Kalila comments. So far I’ve heard “the instructions say you can’t waste any milk!” and “I have to pump too!”

Singing along to Almost There w/ Kalila. I love hearing her little voice…

Apparently Zavier likes Swahili 🙂 He kept turning to listen to the music.

You know she’s really upset when little miss drama queen is laying on the bed w/ her face buried *quietly* sobbing. 😦

LOL Kalila’s going on about her “ballet dress” and I asked her to find it for me so I can see it and she said “well, it looks like this” and put her hands out and together like she’s dancing.

Found a problem with opening the blinds… Kalila sees her Gido pull up for lunch and insists on seeing him. She actually fell asleep outside waiting for him to come out.

Still can’t believe Zavier will be 6 months old on Saturday… Just watched a video of a friends baby born 2 days earlier start solids and it hit me that is just a few days away for us. And Jas & I were wondering why this week keeps dragging on lol.

I may regret saying this later… but apparently napping for 2 hours in the middle of the day like I want her to instead of at the end of the day (or not at all.. eek) equals a very happy 3 year old. A bit grumpy when she woke up but not bad and she’s happily eating again. Glad I thought to try moving her mattress. Lets see how long it works though…

Yesterday Kalila said Zavier was gonna be a monkey for Halloween.. Today its a baby fireman. She still wants to be a cheese princess whatever that means lol.

Uggg! Trying to get Kalila dressed and instead of getting her stuff she gets a dress and says Zavier can have it.

:-/ While getting Kalila in the bath (you don’t wanna know) Zavier climbed down from her mattress (is on the floor) where they were playing and got her water glass… water all over the floor…. and he was happily playing with it. And somehow managed to not get wet.

Little Mr Refusing a Nap just grabbed my ear and used it to pull himself up… OWW!!!!

making Kalila’s Halloween costume… my first time doing it, really hoping I don’t screw up too bad lol.

LOL Kalila’s trying to open blinds and upset she can’t get them even.

Looking for the extra costumes for the party tonight (not trusting kids and white twice in a row lol) and realized I have a very easy costume I could do for Zavier, but I’m not going too lol. Thankfully found the pumpkin.

And then Gido gave him the camo, so we used that instead lol.

has been fighting Kalila over chocolate all day… She keeps sneaking into the bag. Not that there’s much sneaking to it, she keeps trying to bribe me with some too. Upside is she’s avoiding the ones with peanuts and I really needed the choc she brought me lol

LOL LOL LOL I really needed that… Kalila just said my kanga was special to me and when I asked her where I got it she said China

between Halloween and Zavier starting solids… we have a lot of pics lol. Video didn’t work so well though.

Kalila just checkup’d me… I was warm and had the flute. She gave me a shot and now I’m all better.

From comments: Well first she was gonna take my flute and used a q tip as a thermometer… just now it turned into the diagnosis lol.

Kinda wish I took pics a min ago… Zavier decided to give up on trying to pick his food up with his hands and just go at the plate with his face instead lol.

‎??? I left Kalila in the kitchen for 2 freaking seconds while I got the baby and she dumped her food in the trash. Why? Because she was hungry…

Seriously that was her reasoning… she did it because she was hungry.

sitting down w/ naked baby not the best idea this morning…

No… it wasn’t. Which is why I need to get off of here, get changed and get a diaper on him lol.


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