Hello Wall

Zavier’s turn lol. Cute story from last night.

For some reason my child did not want to go to sleep last night. We tried everything… He would just not go down. Was playing all over the bed, even crawled over me while I was laying on my side. Still can’t believe he pulled that off!

Anyways, at one point he crawled towards the wall and bonked his head. For a second I worried he’d cry, but he just got a confused look on his face and looked up at it. Then he did it again… and got a big grin on his face! I started to think about moving him before he got hurt (stubborn child lol), but then he did it again  very softly just touching his head to the wall.  He smiled again.. Then looked up at the wall and put his hand up against it.  And backed off…

I kinda wish I’d gotten it on video. Was cute… In an odd way, but still…



One thought on “Hello Wall

  1. Autumn says:

    awww that is really cute!!

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